Monday, September 4, 2017

A Mashup Made in Geek Heaven

It's pretty much gone mainstream these days, but Settlers of Catan (now called just Catan) started out was an import here in the US. It was one of the original Eurogames that made it to our shores in the mid 90s* and began the boardgame revolution that we see today.

And Season Seven of the television adaptation of George RR Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice, HBO's Game of Thrones, just ended.

So what do I find when flipping through the big Con book from Gen Con? This:

The oldest mini-Red freaked out
when I texted her this.
Its a shared venture between Fantasy Flight Games (which holds the Game of Thrones license) and Catan Games. Here's the info on FFG's website.

Let the geeking out commence.

*Our copy dates from roughly 1996.


  1. I graduated from high school in 1997 and first met Catan a few years later when one of my friends, who had gone to Germany for his LDS mission, brought it home with him. So I played Catan first with the cards in German -- not that that really matters, for the base game. My husband, who also went to Germany, has the Catan two-player card game in German, and I always lose at that partly because, not being able to read the cards, I have trouble remembering what they do...

    1. I've not seen the German version of Settlers, but I have seen the German version of Tigris and Euphrates. I seriously thought about getting it, but something held me back. I later found out that it is a hard core Euro, which means a math exercise (barely) covered in a theme-- so I'm glad I didn't. I expected something closer to Avalon Hill's old Advanced Civilization rather than what T&E really was.

      As for 1997, yikes! You're 10 years younger than me; this makes me feel so old....