Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Miscellaneous Wednesday Thoughts

Playing through the Rise of Isengard expansion in LOTRO, I learned that the Rohirrim vendor in Dunland is not from the Riders of Rohan expac after all, but the other main reputation faction for that expac. I shouldn't have been surprised by that, but somehow that possibility slipped my mind.

Not that I took advantage of either faction's rewards, because I'd kind of outleveled the area before I exited Dunland itself. In fact, I got the Riders of Rohan starting e-mail while I was still in Dunland, which left me puzzled. Oh, not the fact that I reached L75, but who the relatively cryptic e-mail was talking about.*


The Turbine/Standing Stone version of Theodred makes him seem like he'd have been a great king. He actually presented a pretty good case analysis of Saruman, but unfortunately he didn't realize one thing: Saruman had already been cautious in his build-up and had the overwhelming force he needed.

More scouting/spying would have helped here.


Overheard on SWTOR's Taris Chat:

Player 1: "Did you see the new trailer?"
[Several people]: "Yes. It's a fake!!"
Player 1: "Yeah, but they used Old Republic clips in there!"
Me: "It's not the first time, and it won't be the last."
Player 2: "I wonder how many people saw "4th" on the upload date and thought "OMG! This must be real!"
Me: "May the 4th: Star Wars. March the 4th: Basketball. Star Wars. Basketball."
Player 2: "This basketball.... Is it like Huttball?"
Me: "Yes, but with 100% fewer Hutts."


...and one "uh oh" moment...

I've been grinding a few deeds in Moria, and I was finishing up an explorer deed in Flaming Deeps when I saw someone ask on World Chat where a good place in Nud Melek was so jump and die that wasn't part of the Bridge of Khazad-dum.

"Going for the hidden achievement, eh?" someone replied.

Hidden achievement? Hmm... I looked over the edge of where I was standing, and suddenly my fear of heights kicked in.

On an MMO.

Oh, nope nope nope nope nope......

*Smart move, devs, to not give anything away. "Gandalf? Is it Gandalf? Oh, I'd love it to be Gandalf!!" [Gets a bit farther in the Epic Questline] "Oh. Not Gandalf. Well, that was unexpected."

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