Thursday, November 3, 2016

How often can you connect a video game with They Live?

The voice of Captain Anderson in Mass Effect is provided by prolific actor Keith David. For some people, he is also the voice of Goliath in the cartoon Gargoyles. For others, he's found in John Carpenter's films The Thing (Childs) and They Live (Armitage). And still others, he's known for his voice work in Halo, Saints Row, and Call of Duty.

But probably his best known current work in the US is something that's rarely heard beyond our borders.

That's because Keith David is the narrator for commercials for the US Navy.

It may not be well known outside the US, but the US military is an all volunteer force. Since they don't rely upon a draft to staff the military, each branch invests heavily in commercials and outreach.

And that includes television commercials.

So when I hear Captain Anderson in Mass Effect, I have this weird juxtaposition of Mass Effect and the US Navy.

This makes me wonder if people who are used to Jennifer Hale's voice in Mass Effect and other video games have flashbacks when they hear her voice as the SWTOR female trooper.


  1. I remember coming across an episode of Wil Wheaton's Tabletop which starred Kari Wahlgren, the voice of the female Jedi Knight. It was definitely highly distracting to keep hearing her say some very un-Jedi-like things! Heh.

    1. I can imagine.

      At least these actors didn't phone it in for their video game work, unlike Peter Dinklage's and Bill Murray's performances in Destiny and Ghostbusters (the video game, not the movies).