Friday, July 29, 2016

Hey, at least I didn't die of dysentery

I haz returned.

The Great College Tour is complete. Universities and colleges were visited, food was consumed, and nary a video game was played.

Hell, I didn't even THINK of MMOs or video games until our last visit of the Tour. The guide for the last university tour paused in front of a room at the Student Center and asked if anyone here played video games.

Three mini-Reds' hands shot up, along with those of a couple of other people.

Well, the guide said, this is the video game room. There are consoles and oversized screens there for people to play, and it's all free of charge.

I swear I thought I saw the mini-Reds' levitate.


Not all was serious business, certainly. We did sample the local cuisine (which, in Chicago, means Chicago style hot dogs and Chicago style pan pizza), and we took a day off and visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Here, have a picture of the Pioneer Zephyr --the first US streamliner-- which was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry in 1960:


  1. It feels so surreal to me, reading this as a Dutchie. It was so different for me!

    It does sound like you had a good time. I hope it was fruitfull, too. :)

    1. So far, so good.

      The next step is to arrange the universities/colleges in order of preference and then set about working on applications and auditions.

      And then cry a little at the cost.

    2. Okay, I have to ask: how did it work for you, Rav? (And anyone else, for that matter.)

      I certainly only have my own experiences, which were more restricted than what we're dealing with the mini-Reds. For me, it was visiting five and then selecting four universities relatively close by to put in an application. Those applications were the "type on a typewriter and try to fit an entire essay into a few lines", and then wait and hope that a) I got in and b) I got enough of a scholarship to allow me to live on campus. (I really really really didn't want to live at home and commute to campus every day.)

  2. A university with a free gaming room - the choice was easy then, I assume? ;)

    1. I won't lie and say otherwise, but that university is in her top tier of schools, yes.

      We were warned that the game room is often packed during the school year, however.