Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ancient History Unearthed

For the past month, I've noticed something odd about page views here to PC: there's a lot of page views for really old posts.

The first time it started up, I figured that it was due to some search engines winding their way through the blog, but now I have to wonder who is reading some of these articles from 2010. It's not like they were any great masterpieces of writing --trust me, I cringe whenever I read them and realize that was my voice back then-- but I have to wonder what is causing the interest.

It still is likely bot related, so I won't lose too much sleep over it, but it still does make me wonder.


  1. The ways of pageviews are mysterious... I never understand how they work. For me they are crap this month, as they always are in the month of the NBI for some reason. And my old posts also make me cringe at times! I guess that is positive,means we've mmade pprogress of some sort. 😊

    1. Progress is good, but I've found that reading some of the really old posts make me want to "edit" them.