Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Guess Blizzard Wasn't Channeling Sir Mix-a-lot After All

Today's graphical correction has been brought to you by Overwatch.

Seems that Tracer, the Brit with the cockney accent who can teleport around the battlefield, has a very, um, un-Tracerlike victory pose:

From The Mary Sue.
Maybe Tracer would pose like that --in private-- but this pretty much goes against everything we have, both in-game and out-of-game, about Tracer so far.

Some fans voiced their concerns about Tracer's pose, and the Blizzard devs agreed and removed the pose from the game.

Amazingly enough, the commentary has remained (relatively) civil on the Blizzard Beta sites, although I can imagine that it won't last.

EtA: Well, that escalated quickly.


  1. Yeah, if this is "civil", I don't want to know what isn't. "Kill the feminazis"-type comments everywhere I looked...

    1. Well, it started civil, then once it hit social media....

  2. I was about to say Redbeard - where have you been reading? I seem to see a lot of nastiness about!

    1. Yeah. It's almost as if my post --and The Mary Sue's post, most likely-- turned into a dog whistle.