Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Things That Amused Me, Part Whatever

I was behind this minivan the other day.

Were it not for a traffic light, I'd have missed this.

You see it, don't you? The Lion of Lordaeron is by the left brake light.

For the Alliance!

Leeroy Jenkins is alive and well.


  1. Very good! Needs to be on a blue minivan, though!

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  3. Sorry about that double comment. It was caused by me changing the country extension on the page and reloading to see the hugely annoying EU Google cookies message being redrawn. Here's what it looks like: http://imgur.com/CeRCOi1

    1. Well, now I know what that thing looks like. Yeah, that's a bit of an annoyance.

  4. I've seen the Horde logo but this is a first! Finally some Alliance love. I guess I could do it. Maybe get a license with Ally Druid or something lol.