Monday, July 21, 2014

You Could, You Know.... Ask...

The MMO music podcast Battle Bards had two listener request shows recently.  When they put out a call for requests, I forwarded along my pick to Battle Bard Syl of MMO Gypsy:

The Theme for Rohan, composed by Chance Thomas*, and featuring Taylor Davis on violin, encapsulates what I like the most about the Riders of Rohan soundtrack for LOTRO.  It's very straightforward, yet the playing is very emotional. The Celtic overtones, with the bodhran and tin whistle, add to the emotional impact of the music.

In addition to the pick, I'd also griped to Syl about my inability to find any MMO sheet music out there other than WoW's.**  Syl took my commentary and added it to the feedback section of the second podcast. Battle Bard Syp, also of Bio Break, suggested a couple of things, but the one which was a classic 'Doh! moment was to simply contact the composer(s) and ask if sheet music was available.

Of course, I'd been operating under the assumption that the game companies owned the soundtrack (and the sheet music), but hey, it was worth a shot.

I contacted Chance Thomas, composer of LOTRO's more recent soundtracks, and asked him if sheet music was available for purchase for any of the pieces.  He wrote back to let me know that while most of the music was owned by Warner Brothers, he was able to give me the solo violin part for Theme for Rohan.

The mini-Reds were excited.

My oldest informed me that a few notes in the piece go too low for her oboe to reach, but I don't think that'd deter her from making an attempt at it.

*Congrats to Chance for his invitation to conduct Theme for Rohan at the Utah Symphony!

**I've since discovered an arrangement of some Age of Conan pieces in a suite for wind ensemble, but the cost is over $395 EUR, which is a wee bit out of my price range.

EtA: Got my commentary order messed up.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, it was very surprising to me. Although to be honest, I guess I shouldn't have been, given how cool a guy he was in the interview that Battle Bards did with him (Episode 4, I think).

  2. Yay! Chance Thomas is a most excellent dude and I'm happy for you and the Minireds that he was able to provide you with something!

    And you're right, more often than not VG composers are bound to other contracts or don't even own their own work but I think it greatly varies from case to case, so really worth a shot anyway! :)

    1. Yes, I've still to contact LOTRO corporate, but I don't exactly hold out much hope.

      But Chance was very generous, and he really didn't have to give me anything at all.