Sunday, April 6, 2014

Channeling Her Inner Ancient

Color me amused.

My oldest is sitting next to me, playing LOTRO on the main computer while I catch up with some work e-mail. She's excited because she discovered a fantastic new pastime on LOTRO.


No, really.

I keep expecting her to turn around and say "Dad, who's this other person fishing and asking me if I know Redbeard. She says she knows you from the blog..."


  1. You know I may have the wrong game but I think it was LOTRO where I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to fish. I have no idea why but I always have to investigate fishing first if it's available.

    I'm glad she discovered the joys of fishing!

    1. I thought you liked the fishing, but had issues trying to sell on their Auction House as a F2P account.

    2. I recently checked back into SWTOR and felt guilty complaining about the AH in LOTRO. I thought I'd hang out in SWTOR a while to see if I wanted to resub. Their F2P is a nightmare. I think left turns were free right turns you had to pay extra, lol.

    3. Hmm, I don't think the kids complained about overly restrictive parts in SWTOR (they've got preferred, because I threw a few cartel coins their way to unlock preferred and 4 toons per server). Of course, there was a big purge of inactive toons/names some months ago, so if you lost your alien toon then you're stuck with either human or cyborg for your toon in SWTOR.

      But the big complaint the kids make is the lack of bag space. And really, they complain about that whether it's SWTOR, LOTRO, or anything else.