Thursday, December 12, 2013

An NSA/WoW Top Ten List

Apologies to David Letterman, but this is what you get when you have too much coffee too early in the morning.

Top Ten things people said when they heard the the NSA was spying on them in WoW:

10)  Well, that explains why the Alliance never has healers in a battleground.
9) I bet they were just checking out Goldshire for terrorists.
8) That explains the "Terrorist Hunter" guild name.
7) Can you transmog your gear into a "spy" outfit?
6) I bet they were planning on infiltrating SI:7 too.
5) Did they team up with Pat Robertson to investigate Warlocks for witchcraft?
4) They thought Tauren were a sleeper cell of the terrorist group Al-'Cow'da.
3) All those taxpayer dollars, and the U.S. still can't field a top raiding guild.
2) Ghostcrawler leaves and the NSA report is leaked.  Coincidence?

And the Number One thing people said when they heard the NSA was spying on them in WoW:

1) Were these the people behind all the crap in LFR after all?


  1. Golly, ours were somewhat different. My favorite was:

    Any spy agency that thought there was intelligence to be gathered in Warcraft clearly never listened to trade chat.

    1. I also thought about one from Barrens chat, but it really hasn't been the same since Cata broke it up into two zones.

      But yeah, there were a few I had written and ended up deleting because I wanted to keep it humorous, although the "what were they smoking?" comment was pretty appropriate.

  2. I'll give it another try. My favorite is the LFR one, I'd like to blame bad attitudes on them rather than us, lol.

    1. You know, a few years ago I'd have said "heroics" in place of LFR, but things move on...