Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Ponderables

In addition to having an earworm from this:

I was really little when this show first aired.  
And yes, Wonder Dog's behavior was modeled after Scooby Doo.

I've had a bunch of nonsensical MMO oriented thoughts that I can't get rid of.  Therefore, I give you some MMO Ponderables:

  • Do Draenei get sunburn, and if so do they end up looking like Eredar?
  • Why do Sindorei --who often have names invoking their love of daylight-- seem to never get tan?
  • With all the radiation surrounding Gnomeregan, why don't more of the Gnomes turn into mini-Hulks?
  • How can some of the Imperial NPCs --the regular populace-- tell you that they're loyal servants of the Empire without breaking down into laughter?
  • In Guild Wars 2, when you aggro an enemy bandit they say "Ha! You're kidding, right?"  Why don't they say as they die "I guess you weren't kidding..."
  • When I see a quest giver in Neverwinter talk, why is it like watching a dubbed martial arts movie?
  • Why do Gnome NPCs say "Daylight's burning!"  Shouldn't the Kaldorei say that?
  • Given all of the terror that NPC necromancers generate in Age of Conan, why do the inhabitants of the cities never bat an eyelash when a PC necromancer walks by with a bunch of undead trailing in their wake?
  • Why are Warlocks a playable class in WoW, anyway?  Aren't they supposed to be the bad guys?
  • Why is the scenery so great in LOTRO, but the toon graphics so... blah?
  • Is "multiplicity" Garrosh's super power?  After all, he's in Orgrimmar, he's in Borean Tundra, he's in Nagrand, and oh look he's over at the Argent Tournament Grounds and at Silverpine Forest...
  • "Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb," says Dark Helmet.  Well.... let me introduce you to Darth Malgus....
  • What do jawas/sandpeople look like underneath those robes, anyway?  On second thought, maybe I don't want to know; it could be Gargamel and the Smurfs.
  • What sort of birth control do they use on those Bioware games?  Sure seems like you'd expect a lot more kids around than what you see in game.
  • Why is it that the younger a player is, the louder they feel they have to be in BG chat?  It's not a perfect correlation, but it sure seems that way at times.
  • How can kindergartners sit in "circle time" without any trouble at all, but a bunch of BG players can't stand within a circle in Silvershard Mines?
  • Why do the WoW male human toons all look like they've got gas?


  1. "Why are Warlocks a playable class in WoW, anyway? Aren't they supposed to be the bad guys?

    Do you know, I always wonder why any alliance adventurer wants to be a warlock. But as for the bad guys, we already have a bunch of those: the Horde. I don't know why the Tauren are on that side. We should kick warlocks out of the alliance, and ask the Tauren if they'll join us.

    1. They're bad guys even on the Horde side. You spend a lot of time on the Horde side dealing with the Burning Blade in Durotar and the Barrens in the pre-Cata days --not the same now-- and that all the Warlocks were slain in the Cleft of Shadow prior to Garrosh's last stand is a testament to how much the Horde hate the demons.

      As for the Tauren, there's no way they'd join the Alliance after Camp Taurajo.

    2. That old chestnut! In Camp Taurajo, 4 tauren died. None of them killed by alliance adventurers. By contrast, tauren adventurers took part in the assault on Theramore. Nonetheless, I still think Tauren are not naturally horde.

  2. Things I never though of except for the Warlock one. Okay, I'll send my Draenei to a beach vacation in Tanaris and I'll get back to you on that one!

    1. Man, I've been reading your blog all week, waiting for a draenei sunning herself, but no dice. ;-)

  3. Are you saying that Darth Malgus is dumb? :P

    1. More like Malgus overestimated his own abilities. Clever plan, but good was definitely not dumb that day. ;-)