Monday, October 17, 2011

Dancing With Myself

The inspiration for this post came from my perusal of the Badlands this morning, when I came across a Worgen Warrior off in a corner near Lethlor Canyon (not to be confused with the other Worgen who was doing the same Rhea's Egg questline as I was). 

This particular Warrior simply decided to start dancing.  Just for the hell of it.

I've been playing for a little over two years and I've seen some strange things, but this isn't what you'd expect to find at 5 AM.

Then again, is there ever a good time to be seeing strange stuff in WoW?

Like the guy who had his attacks set up via a macro so that he starts by yelling "Go go Power Rangers go go!"  (I've come across him twice via LFD back when I was on Stormscale.)

Or the Goblin with the name of Snookie --yes, in honor of that Snookie-- that would shout every minute or so: "Where's the beach?"

Compared to this stuff, I'm kind of an ol' fuddy duddy.  (And get offa my lawn, too!)  But you know, one of these days...

Like maybe I'll create a Hunter with a pet named Scooby just so I can yell in the Halls of Reflection "Zoinks!!!  Run, Scoob!!" 

Or maybe that Hunter will go around with a gun, saying "Say hello to my little friend!"

Or I'll level a Rogue so I can quote lines from the Barenaked Ladies' song "The Ninjas" in a BG.


  1. Dude, you ARE a fuddy duddy! WoW is supposed to be something like an rpg, right? lol.
    i never played on a rpg server, but (light) role-playing was the most fun i had in the game.
    and i did most of the things you mention, or something very similar. surely i'm not the only one who macro'd /yell "shammy power" every time i used that lightning generator engineering trinket thing? on my pally.
    [trade] one slightly used BE for sale.
    now, would you mind helping me pull this gnome out of the mailbox?

  2. @Nobody-- Oh, I'm more bemused than anything else about that Worgen. Cutting a rug in the middle of nowhereland wasn't what I expect when I rounded that corner.

    More like one of these days I'll roll on an RP server just to try it out.