Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pimp My Purse

Howdy, my fighting, fearless friends. As this is my first post among you, let me introduce myself as a quiet, gentle mage who farms mats late into the night, wades through Dalaran sewers in search of wayward potions of Tuskar proportions, and enjoys walks on the beach preferably with someone I like.

With that said, let us begin with a topic near and dear to my heart--money.

Yes, we females love money. Mostly because one can find satisfaction without all the necessary gibber jabber other things require. But don't fret you fine specimens of testosterone. Even male orcs can be sexy too. Think of it, you in Cataclysm with your 310 mount all paid for by your economic virility and her perched on top of Deathwing Lair waiting for someone to give her the ride of her life. Yes, that can be you with a pimped out mount carrying a heavy purse and hot babe. To prove it, I'm going to include a video where not only can green pectorals be entertaining, but said pectorals can actually induce undulating monetary ecstasy by simply following this fellow-blogger's direction on how to make gold with Jewelcrafting and Enchanting in less than 10 minutes. You read that right. 10 minutes!

Alas, there is one thing that is critical...well, two things: 1) use the tools he recommends, and 2) timing is of the essence.

First, macros and add-ons take much of the work and simplifies it similar to a microwave is to hot pockets. He provides links to the add ons and instructions for macros.

Second, timing, timing, timing... It can't be said enough. With Cataclysm around the corner, you want to make sure items like epic gems are sold now. Make sure they're cut and make sure to use cuts people would want to buy (i.e., haste/spellpower, strength, spellpower, etc.). The blue quality gems sell best uncut, frankly. I know he has a few cut, but honestly you can make a lot more selling them as mats for professions and more so right after Cataclysm comes out. Remember, people will be leveling their worgens/goblins, so they will seek the Auction House for mats to level their professions.

Okay, this may not be the magey-goodness you expect, but you can't deny its yumminess. Nosiree. Like me, you too will drool and gasp in awe as you learn how to make 1,500 gold a day spending only 10 minutes of your life in the game. Say it with me... YEAH, BABY!

Stay tuned for my next installment, where I discuss "How to contend with burnt-hair-smell as a fire mage in Cataclysm."


  1. Hehe i am actually the opposite, I love shinies but I cannot care much for gold in WoW - there's simply not enough goodies to buy! ;)

    I'm also not so sure you wanna sell all your gems and cloth etc. right now; the past has shown that prices for old materials can go up (especially those frequently used to skill up professions) in a new expansion, lots of people rolling new characters and skilling them up etc. :)
    so I am saving some of my stuff for Cata, it goes very cheap atm (everyone is selling!).

  2. Wool Cloth is running at a premium, which makes me want to go farming in mid 20s areas....

  3. Having been around since Vanilla WoW, dealing with the price wars at BC and Wrath launch, I can tell you that the best approach is to check the profession guides to know what people will need most. Some items, particularly after launch, sky rocket in price like silver and thorium. I made a bucket load of gold right after Wrath by saving not netherweave, but wool and silk cloth. I also had a lot of tin and made a decent wage on that.

    If you herb, be sure to pick the herbs best suited to level Alchemy and Inscription. The changes to inscription in Cataclysm will drastically change the value of scrolls. They will be "learned" for permenant use by a character. However, herbs for alchemy will naturally still be a viable source of income.

    Another factor is the market itself. Although there are general needs throughout, each server does have different cultures and approaches to leveling and end-game. RP servers don't usually see end-game epics in the AH often, and said epics go for a bucket load of gold. That's because the average player on an RP server is there to roleplay. In normal servers, end-game consists of mostly raiding content and some PvP, which means you'll see a lot of either mats for high-end epics or that actual pieces themselves, as well as PvP-specific gems, pots, and enchants.

    Bottom line is that you will have to research to see what sells best on your server and the what days to put the items on the AH. This takes watching the market, learning about a few add ons to make the process easier, and a whole lot of patience.

    The beauty of all this is that as you learn to be a World of Warcraft entrepreneur, it translates well in real life. ;)