Monday, August 16, 2010

A Short Observation

I have several Blood Elves in my stable of toons.  (Just because they're not L80 doesn't mean they don't exist.) 

I'm used to the Farstrider Rangers throughout Eversong and the Ghostlands.

What I'm not used to are the occasional High Elf encampment using the Farstrider name, such as Farstrider Lodge in Loch Modan.  When I found this place on my Dwarf Paladin, I almost immediately turned around before a stray Hordie could thwack me, but when the quest markers popped up I turned back.

Between you and me, the High Elf in charge of the Lodge acts far more like a Blood Elf than the occasional High Elf found around Dalaran.  Her mini-questline has Blood Elf written all over it.

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