Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Putting points in the IRL Subtlety tree

I enjoy playing pranks in real life, and especially at work.  A good prank can really lighten things up once in a while.

For instance, a fellow co-worker and I have been having a mini prank war for about the last 4 months.  He's done things such as steal my staples out of my stapler every day for a week straight, or completely tape up my office chair, or competley rearange my desk drawers.

I, on the other hand, have done things to him like stolen all of his pens every chance I get since the day he started here, applied superglue to a bar of staples every day for three days so a lump of solid glue was on the bottom and watch him get confused why the stapler wasn't working, to even applying glue boards (the kind you use to catch mice) to the underside of his desk and chair (it works GREAT if you put the board right about where you reach natrually to adjust your chair height... just put the glue board there, and lower the chair all the way).

Or adding a command in one of his imaging scripts to just echo a text line that states "dan is a douche."  And also adding a line to his local hosts file that redirects his favorite guitar website (he runs a heavy metal guitar forum) to guitarhero.com (which he HATES).  That one actually got him to call up his buddy and tell him they've been hacked, LOL!
And the more subtle you can get, the better.  For instance, I'm standing in line today buying my lunch and the gentleman ahead of me is acting rather jittery.  He's buying an energy drink, sugar, cigarettes, large bag of chips, and 5 hour energy pills.  The cashier asks him "do those pills really work?  They don't mess with you at all?"  To which jittery guy goes "Yeah, they don't make you jittery at all because there's no sugar."

I coudln't help but actually LOL.

So how does this tie into gaming?

Heroics can be rather boring, and bringing some levity to them can really be a fun change of pace. 

The setting:  Halls of Reflection (Heroic)
The setup:  My DK, A fellow guidee Pally tank, and a Fellow guildee on his DK Alt all que up as tank and dps for a random heroic.  We then proceed to argue who's going to tank through out the whole first half of the dungeon, complete with taunts flying all over the place, Armies of the dead going nuts, and a boss who's too busy ping-ponging everywhere to actually do much of anything.  We really put on a good show.

The truly funny thing though, that was the smoothest run I've ever had of that place.

So this week I'm challenging you to do something unique in a random dungeon.

**Edited in more co-worker pwnage.


  1. You, sir, are a cruel person. I love it.

    I bet the Healer and other DPS were going bananas by the first boss.

  2. oh dear jeebus. As a healer, I probably would've flipped! lol, that instance is healing insanity xD

  3. The trio of instances together are healing insanity. I'd never want to be a Holy Pally healing those instances; I'd be knocking on Blizzard's doors demanding an AoE heal.

  4. Often times on my Pally I will claim to be Shadow Spec or if I'm playing my Warrior, I'll be Resto. I always like to do funny things like that or claim I've never been in a tank before but show up wearing 5k tanking gear.

    Its always good to keep others guessing!

  5. Hmmm....

    Does the guy pretending to be a tank in Pit of Saron this morning count? Technically speaking he was a tank, but the Shadow Priest and I held aggro better than he did on our first trash pull, and we weren't even trying.

  6. Note to self: jumping into a ToC run polymorphed as a rabbit isn't the brightest move on the block.