Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Tuesday Ponderings

This is what happens when you wake up early and don't feel quite well enough to go run on an elliptical machine for 1/2 hour.
  • Who'd have thought that the Arathi Highlands would be more deadly to a 45th Level Blood Elf Paladin than Loch Modan? I was attempting to finish a quest involving the Syndicate when I was relentlessly tormented by ?? level Night Elf Hunter apparently working on a similar quest. After getting zapped twice, I said to hell with this and decided to hunt for the Flight Point in the Badlands. That, of course, meant that I'd be passing through Alliance controlled Loch Modan. Naturally, nothing happened to me while I explored the entire area. Go figure.
  • PvP has a lot in common with Laser Tag. Of course, the two PvP areas I played in were either Capture and Hold (Arathi) or Capture the Flag (Warsong Gulch), but the emotions and intensity are similar to those bouts of Laser Tag I played as a teen way too many years ago.
  • What works in PvE/solo questing does not work in PvP. There are some commands you simply aren't going to use too much because they take too much time in a PvP environment. Exorcism vs. Holy Shock; hmm, instant vs. having to wait it out? In PvP, if you wait you'll probably end up being zapped by a random Hunter's shot.
  • If you're a Paladin in a group with a Mage and a Shaman, you're the tank by default. Doesn't matter if you don't have a tank spec, someone's got to go into the front line and absorb damage. And it ain't gonna be the Mage.
  • A Mage, a Priest and a Warlock get in a fight with some bad dudes. Who gets to play "damage magnet?" I figure it has to be Warlock as they have a minion already, the Mage can launch broad ranged attacks from distance, and you don't want your Rez/Healer meal ticket to bite it.
  • One of these days I'm going to try to make a dash to Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands so I can get the flight point there. It will be nice to take a flight from Silvermoon all the way to the Badlands without having to jump through hoops getting to the Undercity first.


  1. PVP was such fun. It took a couple encouragmenets to get you to charge the lines but you did, and I kept most of us alive using my shaman as long as possible. And hey, we won the battlegrounds so we did alright.

    But you are right, you're healing spec and normally you don't do that. But as you said, it was easier for you to be the target than either the mage or shaman (myself).

    I love PVP, it's like a huge chess game that happens very very fast. You learn how to read the flow of battle and where to reinforce or flee from and eventually you learn the class mechanics and can almost tell what they're going to do next.

    I remember my first venture into Alliance controlled territory. It felt as if the entire zone was going to come chasing after me. But then again, I was a rogue at the time.

  2. I believe your encouragement was more along the lines of "Get in there!" and "I've got your back!" All that was right after we'd discussed that my spec was more pure healing than anything else. Nothing like a little bit of fog-of-war confusion to add to the PvP experience.

    Of course, who was the bravest of all of us? Milla the Blood Elf Mage, naturally, running after the Alliance like a shot.

  3. No, I am not going to EVER be the tank. I do this for a reason. Not even on my druid would I tank.

  4. Ha.

    I know you wouldn't be the tank, Missy, but man were you in hot pursuit of those guys.