Friday, November 29, 2019

Where's the Shower, Part Two

I was supposed to get up early yesterday to start work on cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, but I for some strange reason I ended up waking up a couple of hours before that. Therefore, I figured I might as well goof around on WoW Classic for a while.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have.

Oh, the first part of the early morning was fine: I logged in as Cardwyn and got into a Blackfathom Deeps run fairly quickly, and I also finished a Mage quest for Cardwyn's second robe*, so not too bad overall. The BFD run was nice, efficient, and we all got along well. I even added a few people as friends in case we wanted to run or quest together.**

After the instance, I got back to Lakeshire and the Inn there, and got up to take care of dishes in the dishwasher.

By the time I came back, Cardwyn was AFK. Not a big surprise, perhaps, but what another toon was doing was.

This other toon, a female toon, was messing around with Cardwyn.

As in maneuvering around, and then kneeling, so it looked like the two were kissing.

Then standing up and again carefully maneuvering around so that it looked like Cardwyn was going down on the female toon.

And then back to the kissing pose, and back to the other pose.

Rather than let the other toon know I was there, I just waited and watched, wondering WTF was wrong with this person. After 3 minutes of this, the other toon eventually got tired "playing around" and logged out.***

It was almost a surreal experience, like the time that I was propositioned in the middle of an Isle of Conquest Battleground. At least this time the other toon didn't try to emote or say anything, because if they did I was going to do something. Not sure what, but I was.

Well, I had wondered where the Moon Guard Lion's Pride Inn crowd was, and now I know.

*I'll talk about those stories in another post.

**I asked the Paladin tank if it was okay if I could use AoE when DPSing mobs down --I always ask as some tanks prefer to not handle the chaos that Blizzard can cause-- and he was fine with it. After all, he said, he understands where I'm coming from as his main is a Fire Mage.

***I'm not sure how long it had been going on before I returned to the PC, and I've no idea if this person was doing it to the NPCs before she zeroed in on Cardwyn.


  1. I'm clearly jaded, because the only thing that surprises me about these posts is that you were surprised enough by what happened to write a post about it, heh.

    1. It's been a long enough time since between these sort of episodes that yeah, I was a bit surprised. Given that I apparently have been confused with being a woman in-game on a regular basis (no, I don't know why), I figured that I'd be a fairly "easy" mark for people who want to pull sexist crap.

      Or that a lot of the asshats had migrated to MOBAs or actual x-rated games. Guess not.

  2. Okay, that is so weird. I'm used to jerks but that is too weird. It took me until November to find a jerk on Classic and I'm not even sure they were. I have never come across this many nice people in 13 years as I have since August.

    1. While I can't say that I've not run into asshats on Classic before now, I will say that compared to the state of Retail circa late Mists, the overall atmosphere has been far more positive on Classic. And, to be honest, it rivals LOTRO for friendliness in an MMO.

      Perhaps it's because all of the asshats rolled on PvP servers, but even on PvE in Retail I wasn't so keen about WoW's population. Maybe that fooled me into thinking that the creepers were farther away than they were.