Monday, August 26, 2019

Ordered Chaos

I managed to login to Myzrael before the servers went live, so I didn't have to deal with the long queues.


Recreating my last main, the NE Rogue Azshandra, allowed me to jump in with a minimal amount of relearning. About the only thing I noticed was a bit of lag due to the sheer numbers of people in the Night Elf starter zone:

Not too bad...

Or from this angle.

People were mentioning in Zone Chat that it was apparently bonkers over in the Human starter zone, which made me wonder whether the Goldshire of old will be resurrected along with WoW Classic. I have an almost morbid curiosity about that, and I might want to login to the RP server just to check that out.

After a break for dinner, I'm now waiting to get back into Myzrael, and the wait time is stuck at around 34 minutes. It was 65 minutes earlier, but it quickly shrunk down to 34 minutes where its been stuck for about 10-15 minutes or so.

Oh well.


  1. Hopefully your wait time is down, queues last night but none tonight for me. Hope you're enjoying the game!

    1. It is most definitely old school, which is fine with me. I also resisted hunting for specific locations of things online, such as the two tablets in Ameth'Aran, which may have slowed me down but also allowed me to laugh and enjoy Gen Chat in Darkshore a bit more.

      I'd say that I'm somewhere around halfway through Darkshore's quests, so I'm going to ding L15 soon, and I've only got 2 greens that I can use --my first several greens were all Warrior and Pally oriented-- and I've discovered the two enemies at once fight makes things more than a bit dicey for a Rogue. I suppose I ought to put more thoughts together for another post.

      But yes, I'm enjoying it!