Monday, January 29, 2018

On Misinterpreting This Place in the Blogoverse

I'm used to seeing on the blog stats the occasional spike when a web crawler goes through the blog; I just kind of shrug and move on.

This time, however, the junk link is from an actual YouTube video*, so I figured I'd better check to see what the hell is going on.

You know it's bad when the first comment for this particular video is "STOP SPAMMING!" (emphasis mine)....

On the bright side, the "monetization" video had only 700 views, so whatever they were attempting to do, they aren't getting eyeballs. Or maybe they thought PC had thousands of readers or something....

*Sorry, I'm not going to post the link here. Why do the work for them?


  1. That’s a new one! Usually it’s indecipherable sentences praising your blog topic or telling you how to raise your SEO. A YouTube video link, yikes.

    1. Yeah, if it were a more traditional attempt I'd have deleted it almost immediately. But since it was a YouTube video, I was concerned as to what exactly someone might have posted.

      I shouldn't have been worried.