Saturday, August 5, 2017


I think my last post, the TERA review, broke Blogger.

I was catching up on blogs this afternoon and I happened to notice that my post hasn't been updated on other peoples' blogs, which I found rather odd.

Courtesy of The IT Crowd.

From what I've read, it might be a side effect of the size of the sucker, given all of the images I used. I just hope it wasn't an unintended side effect of actually using the scheduler for the first time to post when I wasn't around. (Yeah, even after 8 years of PC I've never used the scheduler. I never felt the need to use it, I guess.)


  1. I saw the title pop up on my RSS feed a week ago or so, but obviously when I clicked on it, nothing showed - I figured that you had just published it early by accident and then reverted it? Maybe that played into it not showing up on the feed a second time once it was "really" live as well.

  2. You might be right about that. I had literally created the title and accidentally hit post instead of save --we'd been having connection issues lately and I wanted to make sure that save would work-- and I hit revert fast.

    That feels like a lifetime ago.