Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Musings

Yeah, it's a gloomy kind of day today --both outside, where it's rainy, and inside at work-- so my mind has turned to more whimsical musings.

  • Do Elves ever get seasonal allergies? When I see the Night Elf pic below, all I can think of is that in September and October, I'd be miserable.

From, based on a Blizzard artwork.

  • Unlike their common counterparts in fiction, the dwarves in Terry Brooks' Shannara series are scared as hell of being underground. (It was mentioned heavily in the very first book about how the Dwarves had to deal with all sorts of things underground during the years that they "became" Dwarves that it left a scar on their collective psyche.) Why don't you see that sort of thing more often in Fantasy fiction?
  • The Star Trek Next Generation Federation jumpsuit is one of those outfits that flatters most forms, so why did Cryptic Studios feel the need to sex up their loading screens and whatnot? There's absolutely no need, and I can tell you from having been to Star Trek conventions before that a well done ST:TNG jumpsuit does VERY well all by itself without having to unzip or sexy up anything. To quote George Takei: "Oh mmyyy....."
I'm not posting the pic from A New Dawn, as it likely shows
someone from the alternate ST "Imperial" universe. (From

  • I realize that for the sake of continuity that Governor Saresh had to disappear from Taris' questlines on SWTOR, but I still miss her. Even though my Smuggler was unable to successfully flirt with her. (Hey, it fit that the Old Man would find an older woman like Saresh attractive.)
    Yeah yeah yeah. I've heard that one before, Saresh.

  • Yesterday I pulled out my old copy of The Tolkien Scrapbook (now called A Tolkien Treasury) and perused the articles inside. The article The Evolution of Tolkien Fandom by Philip Helms reminded me how I really really wanted to run my own fanzine back in the day, using mimeograph to put everything together. But I never a) had the money for a mimeograph machine, and b) never really had the oomph to start and keep running a fanzine all by myself.

    And now the Tolkien fanzines at least are either mostly gone or have evolved into real scholarly works, and I'm not that into the History of Middle Earth series. Blogging is about as much of a "fanzine" mentality as I can handle.
A copy of Orcrist #3, circa 1969/1970, published
by the University of Wisconsin Tolkien Society.

  • I've been tossing around the idea of splurging on a used Xbox 360 so I (and the mini-Reds) could play the Mass Effect trilogy (among other titles) without having to buy multiple copies of the game for the PC. I'd consider a 360 over the current gen consoles because the multiple disk games (such as ME2 and 3) aren't quite ready for backwards compatibility with the XBone, and the PS4 is now going to release yet another version of the PS4, and I don't want to get on that treadmill. Besides, I'm more likely to find a used 360 (or even a PS3) at garage sales than the current gen consoles, anyway.
As if I don't have enough things to do.

  • The Boss has the day off, and is over watching Muhammad Ali's funeral procession on television (thank you, Chromecast). And the news just broke a short time ago that another sports legend, Canada's Gordie Howe, passed away. The fact that it is raining outside is somehow appropriate.

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  1. What makes you think that Saresh has disappeared from Taris? She was still there last I checked a few weeks ago...

    1. The youngest mini-Red had been leveling a Smuggler and got her to Taris. I'd suggested strongly to collect all the quests in a zone then go off into the Tarisian jungle, but when she said this was all there was, I was surprised that she didn't go get Saresh. Turns out the planetary story now starts with the visit to the descendants of the original inhabitants of Taris, not with Governor Saresh.

    2. Yeah, she's been demoted to side quest status. :P But she's still there.

    3. So is she only in the Bonus Series? There wasn't a quest in the starting zone for Taris that took you to her.

    4. Um no, she's there in the first area... I do think the breadcrumb from the spaceport is still what leads you to her in fact.

    5. I had the mini-Red go back to the spaceport and actually click on the people who give you her quest, but no dice.

      I have to wonder if there's a difference between a sub and non-sub if you're still seeing her questline.