Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If You'd Have Told Me...

...back in the Spring that in October of 2015 that I'd be playing Wildstar, I'd not have believed you.

But here I am, having just reached the Exile capital city of Thayd, and have just gotten the grand tour.

Yes, Wildstar does have an automated grand tour of Thayd in a similar fashion as the tour you receive when you reach Shattrath City in WoW.

In fact, there's a lot more in feel to WoW from Wildstar than I'd care to admit. The text based quests, for example, are far more of a throwback these days. The Exiles themselves are a heavy dose of WoW-esque nostalgia, with the Granok mimicking the Dwarves, the Aurin as the Night Elves, and the Mordesh as a faction-swapped Forsaken.*

The Aurin/Mordesh heavy starting zones (up to L15) of Everstar Grove + Celestion remind me a lot of Blood Elf starting areas, up through The Ghostlands. I don't think it an accident that at L15 or so you finish up the Celestion area and are given a quest to go to Thayd, the capital city of the Exiles; after all, a similar thing happens to Blood Elves at the end of the Ghostlands' main questline.

If I'd not have known ahead of time that some of the Wildstar devs are ex-Blizzard employees, I'd be speculating on that already.

All of these similarities are one thing, but if I don't find the story engaging, there's not a lot to really hold me as a player. But that's the surprise: there actually is enough of a story there that I want to follow it through and see where it leads.

And no, I'm not posting spoilers. It's F2P now, so the subscriber wall is no longer an obstacle.


Are there things that I find annoying?

Of course.

Like I said last post about Wildstar, a lot of the things that I grumbled about --the annoying Texas + SF mashup, the obnoxious level up graphic, and the women in refrigerators plot device, among others-- are still there. However, they kind of fade into the background after a while. In a way, it's akin to the scrolling alerts on Neverwinter and Star Trek Online: some people can handle them, others can't. Whether you can handle the annoying aspects of Wildstar is up to you, but I don't think there's any reason to not try the game out and give it a true multi-day test.

Now, if they could do something about the occasional lag when playing, particularly when getting quest info....

*Haven't run into the equivalent of the Apothecaries yet --at least in terms of that terrifyingly amoral approach to their studies, that is-- but I'd imagine that the Chua more fit that bill. Only with more explosions.

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