Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Post in which the Blogger Attempts to Remain Relevant

No, I'm not blog-fading.


And no, while I've been playing some Wildstar --and poked my nose into SWTOR on the first day of early access-- I've not been consumed with MMO playing either.

I've been adulting.

As in, I've been a parent and been dealing with parenting stuff, an employee and dealing with (lots of) employee stuff, and a janitor dealing with (lots and lots of) cleaning stuff.

And you do know what's on the horizon, don't you?

Oh noes!

Oh, yes. THAT.

And yes, my Sisyphean attempts continue unabated.

I'm pretty sure that mini-Red #3 is going to make an attempt of her own, having succeeded at writing a 12,000 word story last year.* This time, I hope to get her officially registered, but you never know. She's very much a self motivated person and would likely consider any external reminders/encouragement to be annoyances.

In that respect, her natural tank-style stubbornness shines through.

Me? I'd just be happy to write about 10,000 words, let alone 50,000.

Maybe if I wrote really crappy MMO fanfic.....

....like that time Quintalan and Lady Liadrin hung out together
in Nagrand with a picnic lunch and.... NO NO SCRATCH THAT!!

Or maybe not.

*Yes, she beat my own word output by a mile.


  1. Hey, I'd like to read about their picnic in Nagrand. I'll be hopeful.

    1. Oh, it could deviate from fanfic into Mary Sue territory oh so quickly.

      Or into really crappy romantic fanfic. An author friend of mine has, under her amusing links on her website, a link to an article called "what breasts can do". Apparently all of the descriptions are taken from romance novels, and make for "Whaaaaat??" reading.