Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meanwhile, on As the World Turns....

Remember Colin Cowherd, the ESPN personality who got immensely ticked off by his network carrying Heroes of the Dorm?

Well, Colin Cowherd has now left the building. He quit ESPN for a rumored deal with FOX Sports.

Not that they needed his approval or anything, but having one less critic on staff means that ESPN doesn't have to worry about their own staff potentially sabotaging their eSports initiatives.


  1. What was your opinion on him Redbeard? Do you think esports have a place on ESPN?

    1. Okay, news broke yesterday about the Cowherd situation that gets even more interesting.

      Before he could formally quit, ESPN fired him for comments he made on the air that disparaged Dominicans.

      So, even before this I thought he was an arrogant blowhard, and apparently one with racist impulses. (Or at the least buys into stereotypes about Dominicans and potentially other ethnic groups.)

      As for his commentary, I think that eSports do have a place on ESPN. If ESPN wanted to be solely about so-called physical sports, they should never have broadcast the National Spelling Bee or competitive Poker. So Cowherd's complaints, while offensive to some and amusing to others, are irrelevant. Given that eSports are a competition --and one that is relatively inexpensive and easy to broadcast-- there's no reason why ESPN or other sports networks can't put them on the air.

      I realize that some of the eSports' broadcast production are not what I'm used to from an American sports network, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a place at the table.