Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

That's how my WoW subscription ended.

With a 12 hour server downtime.

I thought it was going to end today, but apparently it ended yesterday. So much for those last few items I threw on the auction house.*

I also had hoped to drop in on Ancient, to get a snapshot of Cat and I hanging out in DB North in Alterac Valley, but that wasn't to be.**

The night before, I came across the same Night Elf warrior from Moonrunner in multiple AV runs, and since the two of us were on the backcap team, we got to chatting. I'm now kicking myself that I didn't mention that I knew some people from Moonrunner, in Business Time. Another moment of pure serendipity lost.

However, I did manage to cross a couple of items off of my list, things I wanted to solo before I no longer had the chance to.  Like all of the Vanilla and BC raid instances. Or how far could I get in a Mists 5-man instance solo as a rogue?  (Answer, not very.)

I don't miss the Trade Chat, however.  In the couple of weeks since Durotan-US merged with Ysera-US, the Trade Chat has exploded with both factions being complete and total asses to each other. It hadn't reached Area-52 levels yet, but it was certainly trending in that direction.

If there was any indicator that the (don't call them) server merges were needed to keep major gathering places relevant, the merge between Durotan and Ysera were Exhibit A. I would have counted on two hands the number of people in Ysera at Shrine of Seven Stars on most days, and after the merger the place looks filled and active again.

Anyway, the stress and frustration is now behind me. New challenges are ahead.

*Which makes me wonder, if my account is suspended, do any auctions that are still open disappear too? And does the mail from any (un)successful auction disappear after 30 days as well?

**We could have hid throughout the entire battleground and nobody would have noticed, Ancient. The Alliance steamrolls that often enough that you could go AFK.


  1. Replies
    1. Not sure yet.

      While I still am active in SWTOR (and minimally so in STO and AoC), I've been wondering what fantasy MMO to choose next. I might want to revisit GW2.

      And I think I heard Syl from all the way over in Switzerland yelling "DO EEET!!!!!"

    2. I do have an account there, as a Cleric. (That's what I play in D&D... Clerics.)

  2. I guess you missed the chance to log out your toons somewhere meaningful. :(

    I parked my Pally on a floating island in Nagrand, and my Lock in Blackrock Mountain looking at the chains / central island.

    Nowhere in LK/Cata/MoP appealed that could compete with those locations from a memories perspective from the last ~10 years.

    1. Some of my retired toons are still in their places, like Q is perched on top of the PvP area in Org and Neve is at the bar in the Legerdemain Lounge, but Azshandra is stealthed in the little hidey hole area behind the Flight Master Sharinga Springrunner at the Shrine of Seven Stars. Which, for a rogue, I suppose suits her fine, but I'd have preferred parking her atop Blackrock Mountain.

  3. Oh no! I would have loved that! The only time I ever do anything PvPish is with company, Cat would have felt very daring.

    If you want to just try out Wildstar let me know, I still have Guest Pass keys for a week, I guess they still work. Whatever you choose looking forward to hearing how it goes.