Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Who Gives a @#$% About the Refinery, Anyway?"

It's been kind of a strange week in my neck of the woods.

I gained a few more streaks of gray in my beard, mainly due to taking my oldest out shopping for Homecoming dresses.  (I'm not sure I'm ready for her to go to formal dances just yet, but she is in high school* now...)

And I also gained a few more patches of gray dealing with random BGs, as well.  This post is dedicated to those numerous runs, trying to eek out enough Conquest points to get another piece of Grievous gear.


Signs Your Random Battleground Isn't Going to Go Well

  • The toon with the highest health is a Rogue.
  • You check out the list of toons in the BG and discover you have no healers.
  • The other side has a premade and your side is already arguing over strategy.
  • Nobody stays back on defense in Alterac Valley.
  • Your entire team runs to the mid in Eye of the Storm.
  • You're Alliance and you port into Strand of the Ancients.  (Nuff said.)
  • The BG starts and half of your team is AFK.
  • Nobody targets the enemy healers.
  • Nobody stays back to defend the Farm/Stables during the initial rush.
  • In a 10 or 15 player game, 5 or more of your players are Rogues.
  • A player ports in and declares "You all suck but I'm here, so we'll win."  (Never tempt people to throw a game just to spite you.)

Oh, and the title quote?  That came from an Isle of Conquest game wherein a few of us were talking back and forth about capturing and recapturing the Quarry and Refinery.  The Warrior who said that also was bitching about the fact that the Horde was ahead of us in breaking down the gates, and he didn't make the correlation between the Horde having both the Quarry and Refinery and being 30% closer to breaking down the gate...

*For those not familiar with the U.S. educational system, high school or secondary education is Grades 9 through 12, roughly age 14/15 through 18.  Attending a college/university is technically optional, but highly encouraged.


  1. "You're Alliance and you port into Strand of the Ancients."

    Actually Strand is one of the battlegrounds where I have more wins than defeats as Alliance. I would say Silvershard MInes is by far the worst battleground to zone into as Alliance. The Horde can take possession of 2 of the 3 mine carts immediately from the start, and that is just unfair.

    People not defending bases is generally one of my gripes. You take a base, then everyone rushes off and leaves it undefended, so you can guarantee that those undefended bases are quickly capped and lost.

    Another gripe is that people just don't pay attention to the objectives or where they should be fighting.
    I was in a Silvershards bg and the next cart would win the game. Yet 3/4 of our team dashed off and took the 2 carts that were a long way from the end of the track instead of one that was closest. Needless to say my call for everyone to 'go to Lava' was ignored and we lost. Then 'lolWTF, how did we lose?' Ugh.

    As a healer I would say 'no-one defends the healer' rather than 'nobody targets the enemy healers'. So many times I get mobbed by enemy players and receive no peels whatsoever. I can have enemy melee on me constantly from the word go, yet the only comments you get are 'healers omg you suck' or similar. QQ!

    1. All I can say is that if you've got a winning record in SoA, I bow to you. I've had so many defeats where most of the team gets sucked into a big melee, ignoring bombers or the demos, that I've taken to blocking that BG from my random list.

      Right now, I do have to agree with your assessment of Silvershard Mines. It drives me nuts when people just see the red enemy and rush in to attack, never paying attention to the game itself. Kind of like all those people who rush the mid in Eye of the Storm and don't bother defending the bases.

      You do have a point about nobody defending the healer, but as a Rogue when I decloak and try to do something --anything, really-- I attract more attention than most healers.

      I was in a Battle of Gilneas game where I and a healer (Druid, I think) were trying to assault the WW and the Horde just swarmed back from the Mines. "Help me Rogue!" he said in BG chat as about four Horde surrounded him.

      "Are you kidding me?" I replied. "I've been getting triple stunned. I can't even move."

      "lol. Ain't that the truth."