Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"This is a freaking Loregasm out here!"

That was how someone in Gen Chat described the chaos surrounding Senjin Village last night.  I haven't seen framerates that low since Ruby Sanctum opened, and almost never in an area not called Dalaran or Orgrimmar.

I will freely admit that I avoided the High Tinker's call on my Alliance alts, but that's not due to any Horde bias.  My head hurt after watching framerates in the upper single digits while I was playing as Neve, and I didn't want to deal with that again.

Now, for few short comments about the Vol'jin's call to arms:
  • I loved the opening letter.  It was well written and spiced with a lot of true troll flavor.  You got the sense of "we're tired of being shoved out of the way, and we're not going to [expletive deleted] take it any more from Zalazane and his dark magic!"  If I've the bank space, I'm going to keep that sucker around for a while.
  • I thought it interesting that we got to ride bats when tossing the frog-spies onto the markers in the Echo Islands, and it was all done without a Forsaken NPC in sight.
  • The sight of riding into Senjin at the head of a group of Troll recruits on raptors was really cool.  "Don't mess with the voodoo, mon!"
  • The integration of the hidden Troll Druids into the lore was well done.  Since the Trolls were finally going to take back the Echo Isles and defeat Zalazane, they felt they could finally come out in the open and join Vol'jin.
  • There was a lot of annoyance that only L78 and up could finish the quest chain, and I can't say I blame people for that.  Here's the vital part of lore being added to, but a chunk of the WoW populace would be unable to participate.

When I run the quest chain as Q and on the Alliance Alts, I'll write those up.  But for now, this has me pumped.  We had the teaser with the Tauren speaking of the power of the Sun in Thunder Bluff and the Highborne showing up in the Temple of the Moon, and now there's this as an appetizer.  I can't wait until the next changes happen.

EtA:  Apparently the Take Back the Echo Islands Event is broken environment-wide.  So I haven't missed anything by not having Q run through the quest chain yet.

EtA:  It's fixed!


  1. I haven't done either of the quest chains yet (though I'm looking forward to doing them), I just wanted to comment on the bats: trolls have been riding bats for a long time, in Zul'Gurub, all the bat riders guarding Horde outposts in Outland, and again in Zul'Drak. I wouldn't even have thought of associating that with the Forsaken.

  2. @Shintar: I based my observations on what type of flying creature you'd see at a particular flight point. For the most part, the Horde-only flight points in the Old World have windriders except for the Blood Elf areas (Silvermoon, Tranquillien) using dragonhawks and the Forsaken areas (Undercity, Sepulcher, Tarren Mill, the Bulwark, Light's Hope Chapel) using bats.

    Even though it's a shared flight point, Zul'Aman does have batriders for the Horde, so maybe I should have thought of that.

  3. Spoiler free comment on the alliance version:

    They should rename the Gnomish version Battle for the Undersilly.

  4. @Dyre42: I'm now starting to dread what might happen there, and I'm very glad I don't have an Alliance alt at L80.

    So, when do you think someone will post a video on YouTube with the Benny Hill music as the background?

  5. As soon as people stop parking their mammoths on top of the quest givers 24/7.