Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding a place to call home

So what is it about Warcraft that feels right for any individual player?

Is it a faction?  Maybe it's your chose faction?  Or perhaps you feel most at home playing a certain class or role.  I'm sure it's a combination of all of the above.

What about a literal place you call home in game?

One of the main differences between the Alliance and Horde main cities is the fact that there's housing.  Of all of my time playing as Horde and spending so much time being bored in Orgrimmar, the only place I could really call home is the bank roof or perhaps the rock next to the palm trees and mailbox outside the bank.

The Alliance cities however, seem to have an abundance of housing, albeit most of the doors in Stormwind are shut.  And I spent some time riding around the main cities recently looking for a spot that would feel the most homely for my character.

I'd like to first introduce you to my main character.  Deftig the proud Dwarf warrior.
Rawr!!  Fierce, ain't he!?

I found a spot that I think suits my character quite well.  Firstly, it's in Ironforge... and he's a Dwarf.  It just fits.  Additionally, I seem to prefer Ironforge to any of the other Alliance main cities.  I'm not sure why, perhaps it's because I worked in an iron foundry for a while myself, or the fact that it's centrally located and most importantly you don't have to take any fall damage when you port there and run out of the portal chamber (as opposed to Stormwind jumping off the mage tower, or falling down the side of the city in Org) - I don't know what that bothers me,  but it does.

The spot I've picked is in the Military Ward part of the city, and it's right between Craghelm's Plate and Chain and Timberline Arms.  Can't pick a nicer spot that that...

Riiiiiiight here

So with out any further ado...
Come on in!
Main room properly decorated (click to read text, I made it a bit small)

Yep, this house has it all; good location, perfect decorations, great neighbors, and it's quiet most of the time.

So what spot is home for you?  I'm looking forward to seeing some replies and hopefully some blog posts detailing your own homes in game, and the reasons why.


  1. I'm going to have to ponder this one a bit before I answer, Soul.

  2. That is awesome! While I never found a home strictly for myself, I did claim a building for our Guild Headquarters. It was right before our 1 year anniversary, and I thought it would be a cool 'gift' to the guild.

    It is a hut in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Honor, right by the dock with the fishing trainer. Great for some summer fun! The only problem is that the orphanage is right next door, and the matrons tend to complain about our guild gatherings...

  3. hehe one of my previous guilds actually used just a housing like that in IF as their 'guild home', gathering up on the balcony.

    I admit I am very much rooted in IF myself, human or not, it was the place to be (and pose in our shinies) for us vanilla babies and it's ladden with nostalgia and memories in my case. I still go there to hang out at our old spots, I greatly missed it through TBC and WotLK.

    It is also frankly and awesome city and the first time I sat on my flightpath gryphon approaching its mighty gates, my heart died a hundred small deaths of oooohhh...

    btw - 'Deftig' made me chuckle. did you look that up or am I wrong in assuming you want it to be german for 'fierce'? =D

  4. I specifically chose that name after flipping through an online German dictionary. I've got a bit of a bias for anything German, as I lived in Stuttagart, Germany for three years and I'm of almost 100% German heritage.

    The name translates as "rock solid" from what I gather. And what better name for a Dwarf tank!? I know, right! Awesomeness abounds...

    The part that really makes me chuckle though,is that his plate belt is so large, it clips with his beard. Making it appear as if he's tucked it there for safe keeping. ^_^

  5. Ah I see now, lol..!
    The thing is, 'deftig' is mostly used in relation to heavy/solid food, it basically means 'hearty'. hence me chuckling, your dorf made me think of a hearty, juicy meal! =D

    I hope I haven't ruined things for you now, though, it's still a great name haha!

  6. @Syl: Well, to Sindy, I bet he tasted hearty.... :-D

  7. Nah, not ruined, it makes it even funnier when I get killed by a boss.

    I guess the name was even more appropriate for a tank than I had imagined, lol.

  8. lol thats good then!
    and Red, there is no way I can possibly reply to that! =D