Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hai! I can haz tankz?

So... I got woken up this morning by my boyfriend's 22 month old daughter. I'm sicker than hell and she has been sick, but my boyfriend has been up and down all night tending to her, so I got up to let him sleep...

I have her in my lap as I queue up for a random dungeon. Surprisingly, I get an instant queue pop - usually for a healer, its about a 2 or 3 minute wait. I see that I got ToC. "Cool... I haven't done this one in a while..." I thought to myself.

We start the jousting event and everything seems to be going ok... After the jousting BS, we stand there buffing and we notice that the guy who queued as tank is still in his fury gear and fury spec. We ask him, "hey, you know you're tanking, right?" He said, "yeah I know". He charges in (still in fury everything) and I can't keep him alive... Of course, we all die... as we're running back, he swears he has tanked as fury before. We were all like "sure you have..." The pally in the group leaves and we requeue... what does the warrior do? Queues as tank again. WTF. I just stated "Thanks for the facepalm moment... I don't have time to debate whether or not you can tank this as fury because you already failed once. Adios"

Really? C'mon... I know there are some stupid people out there... but seriously... And people are wondering why I may take a WoW break... /facepalm.


  1. At least it's entertaining blurbs for the blog!

  2. Ha! Failpugs are great fodder for blogging, that's for sure!

  3. Maybe he didn't have a prot spec... or prot gear :S

  4. Ugh, I HATE when people do this just to get insta-queues. The only time I have seen a DPS successfully tank is when I got Nexus with a full on ICC25 geared warrior 'tanking'. We had some other beefed up dps, so everything died before people really got hurt.

    In most cases though, this really doesn't work well, and is very inconsiderate to the healer, who is the one who pays the consequence. I do the same thing, drop group. It is well worth the debuff.