Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Achievements you're most proud of

I've been noticing, as many of the other players have, that Summer is definitely here and attendance is dropping on raids.  Not to the point of not being able to run raids, but challenging none-the-less.

And who can blame them?  It's nice and warm outside, people are taking vacations, and at this point in the expansion, most people have accomplished the majority of the content.  Additionally, there's so much info being released about the expansion, it's putting people in a rut.  Why bother upgrading your gear when it'll be replaced by a level 81 green?  (Not saying that's my philosophy, but I can understand those who feel that way).

However, this is leading to more of an interest in pvp...  for our guild at least.  We've got a 2v2 team going, a 3v3 team and a 5v5.  The twos team is doing pretty well, but this late into the arena season it's tough to compete when you don't have the gear to do so.  It's still fun, however.

You get those moments where everything lines up and your team gets a kill.  It's a rush to win an arena match.  It's also fun to see the various team compositions, and wonder wtf some people were thinking (full pve gear).

This has led to some of my proudest achievements lately though.  And I wanted to brag let everybody know how much fun it was to get them.

I imagine this one is not too difficult to get.  You just have to play smart and have good healers.

This one on the other hand I imagine would be very difficult to accomplish on your own in random battlegrounds.  The two players I like to PVP with who play healers are just awesome...  The credit really belongs to them on this one.  It's a shame the healers don't get recognition for not letting people die.

And finally we have the two arena achievements.  I've only started doing arenas about a month ago, so I'm quite happy with having won 100 of our matches.  And the Hot Streak one... Wow that was a blast.  We knew we were doing good when we won 8 in a row.  Then we won another.  Which at that point my arena teammate told me the night before he and the ret pally on our two's team went 9 and 1 and just barely missed getting the achievement.  No pressure or anything.  And we won!  The achievement was nice on it's own, but the aforementioned ret pally was online when we both got that achievement.  HAHA.  It made it more memorable, because guild chat lit up after that, quite entertaining.

What achievement are you most proud of, and why?

Edit: I should mention I got these achievements on my warrior, not my DK.  <3 my warrior


  1. I am seriously impressed by that 10 in a row achievement, because pulling ten wins in an arena environment is quite a feat.

    There are two achievements that I'm proud of: Charger and Loremaster of Kalimdor.

    Yeah, Charger doesn't sound like much --after all, a Pally can automatically get one once I pay for the training at L40-- but the actual quest chain is fairly involved. The main reasons people work that quest chain these days are because a) they're insane, b) they want the Blood Knight tabard, or c) they're a questaholic. Maybe I qualify for all three, but from what I've read the Fury of the Sunwell patch changed the quest chain to accommodate Mu'ru, so I considered it a vital part of BC lore. When Bloodsworn gives that maniacal laugh after I'd destroyed the chapel in Strat, I had this sinking feeling that I'd screwed up big time. Seeing Lady Liadrin show up in Shattrath and speak with A'dal finally clicked, and in no small measure the Quel'Delar quest chain was possible because of that discussion where Liadrin pledged the Blood Knights to the service of Sha'tar.

    Of the Loremaster achievements, Kalimdor was by far the hardest to get. I refused to do the quests that the Blood Elf --who is secretly a Shadow Council person-- sent me on, and because I missed those quests I had to make up for them somewhere else. I got to know Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire very very well, grinding out those last ten quests or so. And Sunken Temple? I don't want to see trolls and water anytime soon, that's for sure, Zul'Gurub attunement or no Zul'Gurub attunement.

  2. Wow I couldn't do any of those PVP achievements. The achievement which I'm most proud of Lath blogged about here (we were both in the 10 man at the time)

    10 man ToC, wearing only 10 man gear, 0 wipes.

    Oh and a realm first!

    The thing is, we got it the first week we tried it and we had only just completed our first 0 wipe run of 10 man ToC the week before. We were chasing gear tbh (the 0 wipe chest with cloak). And instead I ended up with a title that I'm more proud of than any other that I hold.

    Even though I'm pretty sure it was a huge dash of luck that we got it.

    Unfortunately I don't think many people recognize the Argent Defender title in the same way that they do Herald of the Titans (the equivalent from Ulduar). And I think it's further confused by sounding so similar to "Argent Champion": a title which is awarded through a couple rep grinds.

    Regardless. I'm proud of it.

  3. I am very impressed at anyone who can successfully compete in Arenas. My only win was against a team where only one of the toons was actually being played. >.>

    Those achievements are definitely something to be proud of and are not easy to get. Same with Redbeard and Cassandri's achievements! Very nice.

    I am very proud of Lil'Game Hunter (75 vanity pets), though I hope they release new levels. I am now over 100 pets! Also, I really like The Twilight Zone (Sarth 3D 10 man), as I love to run around as "Sayville of the Nightfall". Something about it sounds so dark and ominous!