Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ok, so this past week we had a new Boomkin join our guild. His gear was good, and at first he didn't really say a lot. Which I could understand since he was new to the guild and I guess getting a feel for who we are.

Last night in raid, we found quickly that it was a mistake to invite him. I should've known that someone with a gearscore as high as his that is unguilded is so for a certain reason, but we gave him a shot.

Now what I want to know is how someone who was able to get the gear he as not know what LoS means or not know to stop DPS when he pulls aggro off a mob the tank is not on... Not to mention why someone like this feels the need to whisper people asking for a mage table or tell them how to play their class.

After globally muting him in Vent, we continued our run. We get to Rotface and we decide to go ahead and take a 5 min break to wait for our Sated Debuff to wear off. What does this boomkin do? Hearths and goes to Orgrimmar... We didn't have a warlock in the raid last night so we couldn't summon him back.. /facepalm

He then asked us for a summon. Uhm... no lock.. so what does he do? Starts spamming trade for a mage portal.. instead of you know... taking the zep to Borean Tundra and flying over to ICC. No, I guess that would be easy... so we booted him from the raid and from the guild... and OF COURSE, I get the whisper from him asking why he was booted. It was explained to him that he was annoying everyone when whispering them about how to play their characters, how when a tank was trying to LoS a mob (scientist), he would start dpsing it and keeping the mob from coming around the corner... AND how when he pulled aggro on a mob the tank wasn't targeting, he wouldn't stop dps. Me and the other healer purposefully let him die because he continued to do so and I was sick of seeing the aggro indicator come up on his name.

It was then he decided to call Nate a little bitch and that he was the best player in our guild. No, sorry... when you do 6k dps on a boss and NEVER switched to adds when you're supposed to, have no situational awareness, and consistently annoy the piss out of everyone in the raid, you're not the best player in the guild. No one gives a fuck if you can do 28k DPS on AOE trash when you die 30 seconds into a pull.

I swear I'm a magnet for retards. This is why I added the question "Do you have Downs?" to our guild application.


  1. You might want to rethink that question on your guild application. I realize that you're frustrated, but some people might take the question as a slight against people with intellectual disabilities.

    (Feel free to delete this comment once you've read it. I wanted to send by e-mail but could not find contact info on the site.)

  2. Um, wow.

    Satyana, I'm with Anonymous on this. Yes, the guy was an ass, but don't pick on people with Downs for this.

  3. I also agree.

    I realize things can get frustrating at times, but adding a line like that to you application could very well drive off the type of players you're looking to attract.

    You could achieve the same result as asking them if they know their dps rotations well enough to execute it while not looking at the keyboard or their UI. Or ask them to explain a few of the mechanics of boss fights they find interesting. Chances are, if they took enough time to think about mechanics, they're the right kind of person.

    Sorry to hear about your continued frustrations. Things on the good guy side are just ducky!

  4. Completely not related to your post, but I couldn't resist.

    OMG! I can't believe I found you! ~pounce/cuddle STELLAH~
    You will always be Stellah to me, and my priestly idol. <3

    ~formerly Amaranth of Cairne