Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PVP Changes in Cataclysm

This topic is rather old, but I think it's interesting.

"■Honor points: These are the lower-tier PvP points, and will be gained from most PvP activities. There will be a maximum amount a player can have, but no cap on how quickly they can be earned.
■Conquest points: These are the higher-tier PvP points, and will be awarded from rated battlegrounds and arenas. There will be a cap on both the amount owned as well as how quickly they can be earned."

So what does this mean exactly? It means pretty much the same system as now, with the exception of rated battlegrounds giving you conquest points.

This brings up one major concern for me now.  Rated battlegrounds will more than likely increase the number of battleground AFKers, because who wouldn't want to earn free arena points?  Even though I'm sure you'll either get MORE points if you win, or none at all, people will still do it.

Additionaly, seeing as I'm Alliance now, I'm screwed on rated battlegrounds. /facepalm  Why are all of you content to just hand a victory over to the Horde?  Because they win more and you automatically assume we're done for the moment you zone in? 

I did a number of random battlegrounds on my warrior last night and EVERY time, one group of 3 people to mage tower, one group of 3 people to the dranei ruins, and THE REST OF THE TEAM ON THE FLAG..ZOMG GET THE FLAG!!!  This strategy is stupid and guarantees a loss, because as the horde will typically do, take their two points, leave the flag alone, and launch an attack party at a third base.  Which, myself being one of the three people at said control point, start swearing up a storm because the rest of the Alliance is still content to get the ZOMG SHINY FLAG, MUST GET!!!  Well hey, that's great.  You've got the flag, and nowhere to capture it.

There is some good that will come of the changes to the pvp system though...

"Most PvP items will have their personal rating requirement removed."
This opens the previously unattainable high end pvp gear to players who may not like arena, or may not perform well in arenas.  Also, and most importantly, this opens weapons to those players who do not have access to higher end raid content weapons due to either not raiding or the position you fill in the raid not affording you the chace to aquire the weapons you need (i.e. sword and board tank wanting a sweet two hander..well assuming the weapons have the ratings removed).


Back on the topic of rated battle ground for a parting note:  If there's going to be rated battlegrounds, I want an R rated one.  A panty raid on silvermoon.  Well, actually, that's more than likely a BAD idea.  Who knows what the male butt elfs wear.  *shudder*


  1. Well, at least you haven't fallen to Alliance PvP disease, man. Maybe your buds need to zone into one BG en masse and show 'em how it's done.

  2. Oh, and what do male Blood Elves wear? Whatever is fashionable at the Silvermoon Saks and Macy's, of course.

    The Forsaken shop at The Undercity Goodwill, while Orcs frequent the Army/Navy Store just outside The Drag in Orgrimmar. Trolls are really into Bermudas found at the American Eagle, but Tauren frequent Bass Pro Shops on Elder Rise.