Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

...join 'em.

I now have two toons loaded to the gills with Heirlooms.

However, I have one big issue:  just who the hell approved the design for [Mystical Pauldrons of Elements], anyway?  They make Tomakan look like he's got antennae sprouting out of his back.  He's a Paladin, not a TV repair guy.


  1. Ahhh. Cup holders. *nods sagely*

  2. I swear that the people who green lighted these must have also given the go ahead to some of the bizarre color combos of the Outland gear.

  3. Nothing is more disappointing than getting that awesome piece of loot, equipping it, then spending 10 minutes trying to determine what messed-up object you look like...

    And as a robe wearer, I also need to point out the huge disappointment that they make tabards tuck in at the waist! I mean, where does the bottom half of the tabard go? Is there a hole in my robe I don't know about? It just looks so stupid. :(