Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hmmm.... What to do.... What to do....

Since I seem to have a copious amount of time on my hands, I've been thinking about the future.  No, not Cataclysm -I'm trying to not think about that too much- but what I intend to do once my main goals of Loremaster and Seeker are achieved.

I guess I should specify that my main goal is to have Quintalan complete Loremaster and Seeker on the Horde side.  Once that's done, I figured I'd slip Quint into semi-retirement, using him to accumulate Emblems for Heirloom items.  (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)  He could chill around Dalaran, or hang on a park bench in Silvermoon and harass the newbies all afternoon. 

"Whining about Dar'Khan Drathir, are you?  You young whippersnappers don't know how easy you have it!  Why, back in my day we got ganked 10 times a day in Tarren Mill, and we liked it!"

"Aw, shut up you old Geezer!"

"Come back here or I'll whack you with my cane!  I'll have you know I got this wound fighting alongside Sylvanas Windrunner herself!  Call me Geezer, eh?  STAY OFF MY LAWN!"

But what after that?

Originally, the plan was to transfer and faction change Quint to follow Souldat and Millalyn to Ysera, but since I can't really finish the Horde side Loremaster that way, Quint will have to stay Horde for the time being.  At the current rate I was on with questing, it would have been about early summer before Quint would ding that last quest to capture both achievements.  With my account in a holding pattern until my stuff gets returned, that timeline will slip into mid summer.

My backup plan was to generate a new Alliance toon on Area 52, load the toon with Heirlooms, and ship him/her over to Ysera to begin a new life.  (And start running instances with similarly leveled toons that Soul and Milla would have.)  I was planning on shipping a Paladin over so I could take my lumps as a Holy Spec without the backup of an overgeared tank, but it might be smarter that I ship my Blood Elf Mage over instead.  She's already at L26 and has all but the Heirloom trinkets.  I'd have to find a decent Alliance toon that has her snarky BE attitude, but that might make the most sense.

Once the toon gets shipped over, then what?  Just run LFD?

Part of me wants to go for Loremaster on the Alliance side, just because I can say that I've covered all of my bases.  (Crazy?  Yes.  Insane?  Nah; it's just another challenge.)  Another part of me thinks that it would be smart to get in early on PVP, so that you don't have to learn what the hell you're doing at 80 in the battlegrounds.  Either way, my time spent online ought to fit with within my budget.

Well, I've got plenty of time to stew over my options, although I definitely wish I had less time right now.  My trigger finger is getting plenty itchy.


  1. Did they tell you that you cannot play on Quint until they restore your stuff? The people I've seen had this happen to them before were able to continue playing and haphazardly gear up a bit.

  2. Well, it's kind of hard to gear up when your weapon is a mining pick, and you've got only about 70 silver to your name.

    I thought of prospecting and selling enough to get a Green 80 weapon from the AH and build up my usual stash of stuff when I'm out and about, but I'd rather not deal with the grind right now. And if something goes wrong in an instance, I wouldn't have enough gold to repair the gear.

    Of course, I no longer qualify for the ICC 5-man instances, so maybe I don't have anything to worry about.

  3. Okay, that just sounded like a whiny emo thing, and that's my own damn fault for logging in checking stuff for a few minutes. I'm not going to deny there's a certain bit of shell shock there, especially when you see boatloads of empty frostweave bags. The gems alone took weeks of steady farming around the dailies and 5-mans.

    But there's also the nagging feeling in the back of my head whether I'm going to be spinning my wheels while I wait just to get back to where I was in February.

    If it's just a week, I can live with waiting rather than spending my daily time on WoW farming. Or worse coming to worst, I could just work on an Alliance character, since I can't transfer money anyway.

    Of course, what I wanted to do was move at least one character around; while I could do that, I'd also have to explain to Blizz that yeah, it's me and not somebody else requesting it. Apparently they inspect all activity after the reported hack, so I'm trying to minimize any red flags.