Friday, May 14, 2010

Fully Converted

Hello, I'm Mr. Goodie, and I have two shoes.

I am now the proud owner of three high level Alliance characters.

These last few weeks have been a great deal of fun!  I'm a good guy!  I'm all shiny and crap!  I can take on an entire group of horde in WSG all by my lonesome (Ok, I've not tried that, but there's got to be some sort of appeal to it, as I saw a lot of Allies do that when I was horde).

I've been noticing and have been discussing with my guild the differences in the two factions.  And I'm terribly interested in how playing one faction seems to sway your (you the player, and you the character)attitude while playing the game.  It's the small things that you don't notice that influence your game play until you you've made the change yourself.

For instance, you just click an NPC and they don't want to bite your head off, instead they greet you nicely.  And Jaina in the new ICC dungeon's attitude is completely different than Sylvanas' (well.. for obvious reasons).  But the overall impression you get from her is sort of sad.  They're there to kill the Lich King, but there's a sort of grief about it.  Like they're still getting over the loss Arthas' father and the loss of even Arthas (there's always hope for redemption) - albeit he's a murderous sod who unleashed his minions and inflicted mass genocide on everything living.

It's like the Alliance has been pushed around by the Horde for a while, and they're just now getting back on their feet and establishing themselves.  Which should be interesting, seeing as the new Stormwind King is rather confrontational.

But back on topic, it's interesting to just sit and read trade chat.  Sure there's the occasional asshats that like to troll, but the majority of the talk is pretty decent.  That was not the case Horde-side.  I was absolutely boggled the other day by trade chat as a matter of fact.  Somebody asked a somewhat noobie question and got a REAL ANSWER almost immediately. 

I think this carries over to PUG groups as well.  I've not seen too much bashing of other players.  At least not as frequent as on the Horde.

I'm looking forward to jumping into the leveling group of players in the LFD and really seeing if my observations hold true.


  1. You know, it could be the server.

    Barrens chat on A-52 is completely dead, but was alive and well on Stormscale. (At least it was a week or two ago.) I saw asshats on the Ally side on A-52 in Trade chat as well. Not as many as Horde, but that's because Horde outnumbers Ally on A-52 something like 8:1.

    So you moved Murtaugh over to the Alliance side? Tauren -> Forsaken -> ????

  2. To human... They have the best pvp racials, and bonus expertise to swords and maces is nice for threat as a tank.

  3. And here I thought you'd covert Sarge to a Dorf.

  4. It's all in the server, it's the opposite on the server I play on. Would be nice to find a server where both sides were like that.