Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Class Attachment

So, as we're nearing the next expansion, I've had a nagging feeling lately to finish leveling my warrior.  Currently, he's level 73.  This guy originally started out as a level 29 Tauren warrior who was a BEAST in the level 29 bracket.  This was back when having a "twinked" character was just becoming popular.  I did so much Warsong Gulch with him that he earned the rank of Sargent in the old ranking system, while  my main character was a stone guard.

My point being, the warrior has been around for a while, but has NEVER been at max level and doing end game stuff.

I've always had a sort of fondness for warrior tanks, as being a squishy rogue raiding Molten Core, I was amazed when our main tank could take up to two of the giants at the same time!

And not only that, but watching old pvp videos like those of High Warlord Pat, just gave me an awesome feeling. (It's funny, now, how small those numbers in the video are)

Warriors are raw, they fully commit to the fight or they die.  There's no nifty get out of jail free card.

So what's holding me back from leveling it out fully?  The frustrations I get when tanking.  It has to be a world of difference once you get geared up, but tanking at my level (while I can do it successfully) seems to be more work than it's worth.  It's not so much that you have to change targets and weave in some cleaves and a devastate or revenge here and there, it's feels like a constant struggle to keep everything focused on me.

Maybe I've been spoiled with my DK's abilities like placing an AOE anywhere I want to grab incoming enemies and having a spiffy pulling mechanic to get casters all lined up nice and pretty for AOE.

I'm thinking now's the time to at least max out level and wait and see how the DK revisions are panning out.  I still love playing my DK, but with a reworking of the entire mechanic, a reworking of the DK talent trees to make blood THE tanking tree, and a reworking of the vital tanking stats, I'm afraid of another brutal balancing act by Blizzard.  At least this way I'll have options once Cataclysm is released.

But this all raises an interesting question; and one I've been thinking about recently.  What drives you to play a certain class?  It is role choice?  FOTM?  One ability you love and can't do without?


  1. So far, I still like the Paladin the best. You can solo, you can do 5-mans, and you can do any of the three main roles to the game. The best part? Being able to freaking heal yourself when you're out in the boonies. (Saves on bag space better spent on other stuff.)

    The drawback? It does everything well, but it doesn't excel at anything in particular. Sure, there's Tank Healing, but that's a niche in the healing bag. Being melee DPS, Ret Spec doesn't rack up the numbers that Hunters and other distance DPS can do. It can hold aggro well enough as a tank, but it relies heavily on holy spell casting to keep the focus on yourself. Silence effects would be bad for a Pally's aggro.

    Which reminds me... I've got all of the holy spec heirlooms except a haste trinket, but I'm probably going to grind a bit longer and pick up some stuff that, say, a certain lonely Priest might need if he were to move over to Ysera as well.

    (Yes, I've been ganked in Tarren Mill again. Does it show?)

  2. I need to play a class that helps her teammates. I think I want to be liked. I also like to kick ass and don't have the patience to clean up after everyone else (I mean... er heal). I think that's why I'm drawn to healer/dps hybrids: Priest, Shaman, Druid and Paladin.

    I almost always DPS. But there's nothing more satisfying than saving the day with a well timed hymn or being able to help out healers and DPS in a fight like Dreamwalker.