Friday, April 30, 2010


So... the past couple of days were spent queuing up for random heroics. For the most part, I could care less what someone's gear score is in a heroic, but there really should be a limit. The other day, a guildie and I got stuck in a random heroic with a tank with a 2400 gear score. They politely stated in party chat that they literally just hit 80.

I give most people a chance. IMO, skill > gear for the most part... Well... I really should rethink that a little. There was no way in hell I should have stayed in that group. I was pulling healing aggro off this pally... well EVERYONE was pulling aggro off of him. I give him credit though.. he tried... but everyone in the group out geared him by at least 3k gear score...

I understand that after you ding 80, you wanna jump into heroics... but really... shouldn't ya just run some Normal Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning to pick up some gear first? Or maybe queue up as a DPS and roll on tank gear... I guess that just requires too much logic.

I seem to forget that logic doesn't factor much in this game anymore.. if its logical then that would just be too easy. Lets just eff it up for some other people because I want to do it my way and my way only.



  1. It was a Pally that had trouble holding aggro? Even with that low a gear score, he ought to have held fairly well. If he were a warrior I'd believe it without question, because they're more sensitive to aggro from the nearby trash than a Pally or a DK is.

    Was it The Nexus? AN ought to be a Pally tank's dream, given the advantages a Pally has against undead.

  2. it was in UK. And yeah, we were pulling aggro like crazy. Healing aggro is FUN!

  3. Oh, I did that once in the tavern area in Blackrock Depths when Soul was going through it with me and Millalyn. Yes, ol' me -about 10+ levels lower than Soul's tank- managed to heal him enough to pull aggro from him.

    Did someone volunteer to switch off and tank the rest of the run?

  4. Its hard to decide. If you did normal randoms while leveling up, you'd have a decent collection of Triumph badges to buy some gear. Now, when I worked my Paladin up, I ran Heroics as a DPS and if the tank already had gear, then I'll ask if I could roll need on it. Most said yes, because a lot were over geared. But even if you don't get the gear everytime, you get good badges and after a couple dozen runs as DPS you should have enough badges for some gear.

    I ran DPS on my druid for a while, but eventually switched up healing since a lot of the same gear translates, but thats not the same for tanks.