Thursday, April 22, 2010

Note to Self

You can do Halls of Stone with four people.

Okay, we had five, but one was a bot.  The Healer picked him out after the first couple of trash pulls.  "Why is a Warrior with 5200 GS only doing 1000 DPS?" he asked in party chat.  Then, when I went to go tell Bran to get a move on, I suddenly realized I had a shadow.

"He's on follow for you," the Healer whispered me.

Unfortunately, we couldn't kick him at the time because we had the "protect Bran" event going on.

"No heals for the bot!" the call went out.

Amazingly enough, the bot died second.  We lost the Lock first, and then the bot.

For the last two minutes of the event, it was just the tank, myself, and the healer trying to keep threat off of Bran and keep ourselves upright.  Kudos to the Tree who did the job.

We kicked the bot -it was set to Need everything too- and then we finished up with the last boss.

Stupid bots.


  1. ... ppl bot in instances now? god.. wtfzorz

  2. Yeah, imagine a bot in HoR or a pug raid. I'd imagine the day is coming soon for the latter.

  3. >.< people are so damn lazy.. amagad

  4. I didn't know bots were sophisticated enough to run random dungeons now. How interesting, and sad.

  5. They don't attack, really. At least this one didn't. I think it did 1000 DPS mainly on my Ret Aura and whenever it was directly attacked.

    My guess is that it's farming for gold via disenchants and/or stuff to sell at vendors.
    I might still have the guild on my recount, because HoS took so long that I wasn't able to queue up for a third run.

  6. I've done some investigation on the toon involved via the Armory, and I don't think it's quite as simple as a bot for farming gold. From what I can tell, the toon is legit, but it's the activity in the past day that is suspicious.

    Starting on the 19th, the toon seems to have been running 5-man instances non-stop. There are some gaps here and there, but if people in a party discover the toon is acting like a bot and kick him before finishing the instance, then those gaps would be explained.

    Ugh. Brain hurts.

  7. Its probably some guy who downloaded some bot program similar to Glider to farm badges in heroics. I'm sure there is another program out there that will do that. There are people that do that in Battlegrounds to farm honor.