Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hell hath frozen over

Last week was a very dramatic week...

There were a few things that all coincided. 
  1. My raiding guild fell apart due to a number of the players wanting to split off and do their own thing.
  2. My friend faction changed and transferred off the server to join up with RL friends of his.
It kinda left me with a hefty choice on my plate. 

I was offered a spot in the newly formed splinter guild, and they showed some promise towards progressing on a 10 man raid team.  However, I had a few reservations about joining them.  A few members of the splinter group I really enjoyed playing with, but there's a few I really didn't care for.  And I didn't really want to limit myself to seeing 10 man content with those few I didn't really care for.  Not to mention some inconsistencies with the splinter group.  They voiced some complaints about a few members.  And during my two days of trying to decide what to do, I notice the member they complained about is once again in their ranks.  This happened for two different people.  It just didn't make sense to me.  They basically reformed the same guild they were, just with new leadership and a new name and with out the previous leadership (who weren't bad players, just not strong leaders).

With that said, though, I still hold high regard for the friends I did make in the group.  One of which, is a contributing member to this blog, and I hope she will remain so.

One of my other choices was to help rebuild the current guild.  At this point in the expansion where the doldrums are hitting, I didn't feel that option would have much success.  And honestly, the other tank left in the guild I could NOT stand to be around.  So, I wished them the best, and chose my last option and best chance for overall success...  And I missed playing with my friend, who during our entire time in the past guild were not able to raid together because the group felt it was best to split us up.

To the Alliance I went.  I've been horde since day one.  Five years of it...  I was so anti- alliance.

Now?  Meh... It's all just about the same.  I dislike gnomes as much as I do blood elfs. 

The group I joined up with seems very nice so far.  They're all over 21, a good majority of the guild is in the military (or was), and there's quite a few husband /wife and father / son groups that play.  The guild has a STRICT no drama policy.  In fact, if you cause drama, you get removed from the guild.  AND, they have a structured loot system.  No more crying from others about losing a random roll on gear.  AND, they raid on the weekends, leaving quite a bit more time open during the week to relax and actually get some sleep - which also means, the wifey can join in raids now, seeing as she doesn't have to worry about staying up too late during the weekdays.

Yep... Souldat is now a human death knight...

I can't tell you how odd (but refreshing because it's all new) to watch the various attack animations and sounds of an alliance group.  A druid shapeshifts and an elf pops out... Uh....

The wife and I didn't want to leave our favorite paladin high and dry though, so he's got some mail waiting on him...

Even though I've joined the ranks of the good guys at level 80, I'd like to see some more of the quests, and plan on leveing an alt, now that I'll have time to do so during the week.

(I did one quest in the howling fjord where I had to test out a concoction a drunk gnome whipped up on a vyrkul prisoner... upon ingesting the vial, the vyrkul turned into a slime, to which the dozen guards or so standing at the ready were thoroughly grossed out by.  Asking what kind of a freak I was for doing that, and some getting sick - it was the first time I had actually laughed out loud because of a quest in a LONG time.)


  1. I had no idea you were going bald, man.

  2. Oh, and if you ever needed proof that you're not in Kansas anymore, if that Vyrkul quest had happened on the Horde side, the Forsaken involved would be cackling with glee.

  3. Wow, some hefty changes afoot for you. I'm glad you seem to have found a good group of people. It'll be interesting to read your impressions of being Alliance all of a sudden after being Horde so long. I know it was bizarre and jarring for me to be Horde, but that was just an alt, not my main character. :)

  4. Heh. Souldat's the one who likes to call the Draenei "space goats", and his wife sounded bummed that she couldn't punt any Gnomes.

    Considering the Horde is getting Goblins as a playable race, I think that the Horde as a faction just got nerfed big time. Of all the possible races to choose from, why oh why do we have to get them? Why not Earthen or something?

  5. Heh, I have a goatee and shaved head IRL, so I guess that's the look I identify with.

    And I, too, am looking forward to writing about my impressions of the Alliance.

    It still feels odd when I kill a Horde player... That doesn't stop me though, it just makes me think of all the times it happened to me - Though to be fair, I never had an alliance death knight swoop out of the sky and ruin my kor'kron escort quest by killing all of the guards I was supposed to be escorting to the top of the hill and then follow up the massacre by killing myself (haha, man that was fun).

  6. Hey Soul.. I saw you faction changed to human. I was like zomg he's bald!

    Soul, I will miss pvping with you and raiding with you. You are one of the better tanks I've run with - by far.

    I will continue to contribute here. Just felt I would write about the whole drama on my own blog.

    Love ya Sam! tell the wifey I said hi!

  7. Being one that played alliance for the past couple of years, I didn't really find much difference.. other than the fact that they tend to suck at pvp... but I think that was just the battlegroup I was on.

  8. Okay, so those pics that your wife sent last year must be old, you still had hair in them, as I recall.

    Figures that you'd only think it strange running a Horde player through for just a minute.... ;-)

  9. I always love reading when players faction change and realise that there's nothing different between the players behind the different class models - we're all pretty much the same.

    Welcome to the Alliance :) Sorry to hear that your guild kind of fell to pieces. But but... tanks must stick together! Maybe you'll make some new tanking buddies in your new guild.

    Make sure you get the Gnomes in the raid to /charge. When they yell "For Gnomeregan!" and "Get em!" I think it's adorable.

  10. I'm still coming to terms with being Alliance, and having gnomes in the raid / party. They're not so bad. I've gotten used to most of the stuff, including no longer running into the horde side of Dalaran and the horde tent in the Argent area.

    I plan on making a post soon about my overall impressions and differences I've been noticing.

  11. Yeah, let me know how things are going, Soul. According to further perusal of documentation, Blizz recommends contacting them if I haven't heard anything in three weeks.


    Well, at least I bought an authenticator.

  12. Well I have held off starting a lowbie alliance while waiting for you to get things settled.

    It's fun so far to be lost in a major city. I've been horde so long I know where everything is. The game is new again for me.

  13. You might as well putz around with some other lowbie characters while you're waiting. That way you'll satisfy your urge to check out the various racial starting zones so you can settle on a lowbie you'll want to stick with.

    Something tells me that you'll be on a lot this weekend....