Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apparently, I'm Taken

Well, that was a brief bachelorhood.

I am no longer wild and free to chase the winds as I wish, reveling in the solitude among the masses. Quint is now a guilded Blood Elf. Again.

Okay, things aren't going to change too much, because I doubt there'd be any more guildies than me on at 5 AM, but you never know.


  1. Yep, your antisocial stint is over. Half the fun of the game is finding like-minded individuals.

    Being in a guild does not mean you are bound to their will, and with this particular guild, there's no obligations at all. You do however much you want.

    Don't forget to fill out the application as a formality.

  2. Yeah, Holden Caufield I ain't.

    Oh, and I filled it out and was approved. Kind of strange to have me PST a guild officer if I'm already a member, but I presume it's an auto message after approval.

    And I discovered that while I got on late for me today (~6:30) there was a member who had been on in the past hour.

  3. Well...what you do with your members first thing in the AM is your business.

  4. Har de har har....

    I take it you never mentioned this blog?