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To contact Parallel Context, please send e-mail to the following address:

parallel [dot] context [at] gmail [dot] com

We try to make a point at checking e-mail once a week, but when we get busy that might slip a bit.

A few points of note:

  • Don't send any e-mails asking to be added to our blogroll.  We add (and delete) on our blogroll based on our own reading habits, so we have to be reading your blog first before we'd consider adding it to our blogroll.  Believe me, Red is chatty enough by himself that it'll be obvious if we're reading your blogroll.
  • Yes, we've heard of Runescape.  No, we don't have a Runescape account.  No, we don't need to worry about whether our Runescape account is suspended.  Really, spammers, you have to be a bit more original.
  • If you need us more quickly than the once a week e-mail check, drop a comment in a post.  Red isn't a big fan of e-mail forwarding and the hacking capabilities thereof, so if something needs to be addressed quickly, ping us via a comment.

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