Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Another Slimeball Bites the Dust

My long time blogger friend Shintar of Priest with a Cause posted this video yesterday, showing her guild's final attempt at taking out the last boss in AQ40, Viscidus:

Congrats to Shintar and the rest of the Order of the Holy Fork for the kill!!!

I did notice that unlike how our raid got rid of the poisons, I believe they were using Elixir of Poison Resistance instead of Immature Venom Sacs, but outside of that we used a similar strategy.

Shintar, did everybody have a stack of 20 to work with?

Oh, and it does look weird to see your bars, with all of the Hunter abilities instead of my Mage (or Rogue) abilities. And I think the Tranq Shot addon is awesome.


  1. Aw, how sweet of you to make a post about this! I'm not sure if everyone had 20 elixirs, as while the guild bank did hand them out who everyone who asked, I brought my own stack (and I'd found on a previous attempt that 15 wasn't enough).

    1. Totally worth it to see another guild finally conquer that bastard. And really, the thing is that you have to just hang in there and have enough poison removal to handle it, and it will go down.

      I can believe that 15 wasn't enough. I was watching and I saw you got down to 2-3, which was really cutting it close. What also got me was the high cost of Large Venom Sacs on the Auction House. I mean, it's pretty easy to farm those things all over Azeroth (I got a few in 5 minutes of farming in Hillsbrad) but over a gold per sac? Yeesh. (And Bruiseweed is so plentiful that I've got a couple of stacks in one of my bank alts, so I don't see why it would cost that much to make.)