Thursday, November 16, 2017

Adios, Marvel Heroes

If there was an MMO that I'd played over the past several years that was going to be the first to shut down, odds are good that I'd not have guessed it was Marvel Heroes.

Gazillion released the game as a steaming hot mess, but they diligently cleaned it up and made it a bright spot in the MMO world, particularly that they were at an intersection point between all of the Marvel characters, including Squirrel Girl, the new Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, and all of the big properties (Avengers and X-Men and Fantastic Four).

But apparently things were not good in Gazillion land. You can read about the accusations of sexual misconduct, missed updates and events, and other items here over at Massively OP's article.

The game shuts down on December 31st.

But knowing Disney, they likely have a new software developer of choice. (I've read that Square Enix is likely it, but you never know with Disney.)


  1. That was really kind of surprising. I never played this one myself, but before the recent hubbub, I was under the impression that it was doing well. I think this is the first MMO that I've seen get taken down purely over "real life drama" instead of financial failings.

    1. Pretty much the only one I know so far, but knowing how Disney operates they probably thought about killing the MMO already because it was put in place a few months before they announced their intent to purchase Marvel.

      Still, the drama causing the immediate implosion is surprising in the software world. The only thing comparable is the Harvey Weinstein accusations getting Harvey fired from The Weinstein Company, but even then the company itself is continuing to move forward.