Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You know you've become immune to video game bugs when...

...you almost fail a quest because you think that the "slurred" words are merely bugged, poorly translated ones.

That happened on LOTRO for me, with the Lothlorien quest (just north of the vinyards) to admonish the Elven revelers who have... imbibed... way too much.* I read the exclamations above the revelers, and at first thought that those who actually said something were the ones who need to be admonished.

One try disabused me of that idea.

Then the next try I noticed the slurred or mispronounced words. Surely, I thought, they could have gotten a better QA person to fix this.


OH! THOSE are the people I need to admonish!

Excuse me while I go and imbibe a little, myself...

*Seriously, with three weeks to go before the 2016 US Presidential Election, I think I'll be doing the imbibing along with the NPCs.


  1. Yes, I think imbibing may be the only way to get through the next month. Those revelers have the right idea!