Thursday, January 14, 2016

Not Again...

This has not been a good week for geekdom.

Word has now come out that Mr. Severus Snape, Alan Rickman, has passed away from cancer at age 69.

Although I knew him first as Mr. Hans Guber, from Die Hard:

He'll be missed.


  1. Indeed.

    I think my favorite role from Rickman, though, was Alexander Dane/Dr Lazarus, the Leonard Nimoy/Spock homage, in Galaxy Quest.

    1. Heh. I loved that role a lot too.

      I could have pulled out a ton of his bad guy roles, from Quigley Down Under to Robin Hood, but I enjoyed the roles where he showed his acting chops.

    2. I ought to qualify that by saying that his bad guy roles were very VERY well done, but he had such a good range that it's easy to typecast him as "just a bad guy actor".