Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Passing the Hat

I occasionally will mention a crowdfunding campaign that is relevant to gaming and/or gamers, and I figured I ought to catch up and post a few notices so that the people behind them can get some extra visibility.


The title from the FDWL website,

From the minds (and pens) of WoW bloggers Rades (Mike Eng) and Vidyala (Stacey Landry)* is their webcomic From Draenor with Love. Originally it started off as snarky/fun one shot comics (such as the one poking fun at everyone who wanted to transmog into a certain Paladin Tier set), but has since evolved into an ongoing story which includes Vid, Rades, the Black Prince, Four (an Ogre), and assorted minor characters.

The storyline is a bit complicated, but some of the recent episodes involving Vid meeting her mother have really landed some huge emotional punches. I honestly don't know if I could write those scenes, but Vid's artwork really captured the complexity and heartbreak of the story arc to an incredible degree.

From Draenor With Love has its own Patreon site to cover materials and web hosting costs.


If you've ever gone to a con, you've run into cosplayers. Hell, you can even find them participating in parades, such as the 501st has done at the Tournament of Roses Parade.

But what about the history of cosplay? Where did it come from, and how did it explode into the public eye?

While filming the documentary She Makes Comics, Respect Films talked to a lot of people about the rise of costuming in the 70s. After the release of She Makes Comics, they talked to even more people, found a lot of interest, and decided to make a documentary on the subject of cosplay.

And here is their Indiegogo link:


On the lighthearted end of things are Leigh Lahav's YouTube videos, like, say this one (about Doctor Who):

Under the moniker of OnlyLeigh, she's been posting on YouTube about Fangirl topics for almost two years now.

She also has a Patreon site, and created this video to explain her reasoning behind it:

*They get equal billing, but I went alphabetical here.

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