Thursday, April 2, 2015

Overheard This Evening

The mini-Reds are busy:

"I've got a shield! Come at me, bro!"

"I'm out!"

"I'm out too!"

"Okay, I've got this!"

"Did you get the shot?"

"Yeah, I got the shot in!"

"Yeah! We took him out!"

For the record, the first line was said by mini-Red #3. Were it not for her quip, I'd probably have not posted this. And yes, I'm biting back my laughter.


  1. You're building your whole mini raid group!

    1. I'm still laughing at the "come at me bro!" part. Never thought I'd hear it out of her. I think I'd have to explain some of the finer points of tanking, however... ;-)

    2. Sounds like she's got the taunting part down at least! :P