Monday, June 25, 2012

Talk to the Hand, Bub

I've been in plenty of BGs where someone --typically on the opposing team-- starts shouting something.  I watch and shake my head, wondering that they could possibly be going on in their BG chat that would make them yell like that.

Well, the other day I got to watch this in action.

I ported into Eye of the Storm on Adelwulf.  Not my favorite BG, but not the worst, either.  A lot of the game depends on how many stealthies the other side has, and whether people can adequately defend the stealth captures.*  I could see 3 or 4 stealthies on the Horde side, so I knew that I was in for a long game if my fellow Alliance players chose to leave me alone on a node.

At the start, a bunch of us went straight for the Draenei Ruins.  So did the Horde.  We found ourselves in a firefight, and in between dodging attacks by a Hunter, I kept fearing the Horde side's healers (Druid and Pally).  Luckily, we managed to hold onto DR and finished fending off the Horde when our Priest started bitching in BG chat.

"Way to keep me alive.  Jeez, learn to fucking fear next time."

I rolled my eyes, decided to not give that Priest a Soulstone next time, and scanned BET while I began drinking to bring up my depleted mana.**

"Call your damn pet, Lock.  How fucking stupid are you?"

Oh great, a real big asshole.  Just what I need.  Well, I still needed mana to summon my Felpuppy, and so I ignored the Priest.  It was only after I'd gotten done drinking and summoned my pet that he finally decided to heal me, kind of an insult-to-injury sort of behavior.

The Priest then kept riding everyone else the entire BG.  "What a fucking fail group," he declared at one point.  "You're all just a fucking bunch of losers."

Nevermind that we were actually winning at the time, and ended up winning the BG anyway.  Just before we were set to cap and finish off the win, the Priest abruptly changed his tune to a "Good job."

"Not too bad for a 'bunch of losers'," I quipped to those around me at the DR, which brought out several laughs.

I took some comfort in that I knew I wasn't going to see that Priest again in another BG, and requeued.

I got WSG, where Locks go to get eaten by Rogues.

And guess who was on our team?

I sighed and was about to take the Deserter debuff when I decided, Hell no, I'm just going to ignore him.  I've gone through worse in instances.

Thankfully, I wasn't the target of his egotistical ire.  At first it was the DK, who the Priest claimed "should never have been allowed to carry the flag at all; I've got more health than him!"  Then, when it became obvious that the DK actually knew what he was doing in spite of his not-so-great health, the Priest turned to the Horde side.


"I love yelling that to piss them off," he declared.


My lips trembled with suppressed mirth.  "Do you think he even realizes that the Horde can't read that?" I whispered the DK.

"Nope, and I'm not gonna tell him either," he replied.  "Just desserts, if you ask me."

*Okay, I'm shortening things up quite a bit here, because strategies change almost by the minute in EotS.  But in general, the fewer stealthies a side has, the more it has to rely upon brute force to capture an area, which depletes any push in the mid.

**I was short on health, and the Priest hadn't healed me yet, so I wasn't planning on using Life Tap.  You learn very quickly that if you make excessive use of Life Tap in a BG, that's an opening for a stealthie to come in and finish you off.


  1. I've often wondered just how many people don't know you can't read what they're saying.

    On quite a few occasions I've had Horde come up to my character and attempt a conversation. They don't seem to be hostile more that they're asking a question. If we could get over this language barrier thing maybe we could work on a treaty.

    1. That is something that has puzzled me for a while now. There's no reason why you can't have a skill or a talent option for 'foreign language'.

      Back in my old days when I played Middle Earth Role Playing, they had an elegant system for language knowledge. If you knew a language, you could assign skill points to it so that you could go from a rank of 1 (where you knew a few words such as "food" and "water"), all the way up to 5 (where you spoke the language like a native). For something such as Thalassian, which is spoken by both Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei, why can't other members of the factions not understand that better?

  2. Some people... good thing you had at least some sane team mates to commiserate with.

    1. Yeah, I've noticed that most of the people in the mid-upper level BGs (not max level) are pretty normal. Even those who obviously made twinks aren't annoying as a rule; it's just a certain subclass of player who is convinced of their true awesomeness that are so damn annoying.

  3. It's nice to know that doesn't just happen on horde side. Still a funny read though :) Can't say I'm glad you won those BGs, you could have been kicking ME in the arse then /grin

    1. Having played both sides on a regular basis, I still laugh at how similar Horde and Alliance really are. For instance, you hear "XXX always sucks in BGs!", no matter which side you're on.

      If I weren't leveling a Worgen Lock, I'd probably have been on Neve that night, so I'd have been right there with ya. ;-)