Thursday, April 26, 2012

Redbeard Boards the Twisted Nether Blogcast

Yes, you read that right.

I will be a guest on this Saturday's episode of the Twisted Nether Blogcast at 8 PM PST (11 PM EST).  Stop on by and enjoy the show!

(Hopefully, Hydra and Fimlys will make me sound better than I really am.)

To listen to the live stream, go to and join in the chat room.  See you there!

EtA:  For people overseas, the time is 3 AM Sunday GMT.  London is 4 AM Sunday,
while Melbourne is 1 PM Sunday.


  1. Couldn't catch you live, Red, but I'll check it out when it's up for download!

    1. Thanks, Rades!

      I'll be honest in that I'm kind of glad there were only a few random "guest" accounts there, because otherwise I'd be a bit more nervous than I already was. The old "getting up in front of your friends to give a speech is harder than in front of strangers" thing...

  2. I listened to the download the other day and just wanted to say that it was quite enjoyable! It's always fun to hear a blogger's physical voice, especially if they sound nothing like you expected. You sounded disappointingly normal though. ;)

    Really loved your commentary on gaming in general (I hope I'll have children interested in roleplay one day!) and WoW in specific.

    1. Thanks, Shintar!

      Yeah, I sound normal; it's that Midwestern accent peeking through. My wife (and everyone else) will tell you that my voice carries, however.