Monday, February 13, 2012

How do Cross-MMO Guilds Work?

The advent of TOR and the subsequent creation or TOR branches of WoW guilds has gotten me to thinking. How much to the WoW guilds share with their TOR counterparts?

If you want to use Venn diagrams then so be it:

Just what is inside that intersecting area? Web sites? Vent/Mumble? Just a spot on a guild’s forums? Nothing at all?

The thing I can see is that --even with the best of intentions—the two guilds will grow separate over time. Members may join for one MMO but have no inclination to join the other. Perhaps a guild may have a rule that only their WoW members are allowed to join the TOR guild, but that will create a subgroup within the larger WoW guild that may eventually seek independence from the larger organization.

If both groups are large enough, does it make sense to maintain a single Vent/Mumble server or subdivide into two separate servers? If you’re recruiting for your TOR guild, is it really smart to just have a single section on your guild’s Forums for TOR, or should you create an independent website? (Or something in between?)

I’d imagine that the answers are a whole lot of “it depends”, but I’m curious as to how this little social experiment pans out.

(Side Note:  I'm trying to track down the source of a potential issue with the blog.  At least one blog reader has informed me that some browsers are showing some of the words without spacing between them.  Instead of "this and that" they read "thisandthat" instead.  If you see that issue, let me know so I have a better idea how to fix it.)


  1. My guild is a multi-game guild. We have people who play WoW, RIFT, and SWTOR (as well as Minecraft and other things).

    We have a few folks who just play one game, but for the vast majority of new members one of the big reasons they join us is because we're multi-game. No matter what you play, you know you have nice people to play with (whom you probably already know).

    Running a multi-game guild requires a little ingenuity. You need places where all players will interact with each other (our forums are super popular with players), group events (TF2 night!), and other things. For us, the flexibility of playing whatever you like whenever you like and having guildies to do it with outpaces the benefits of being a targeted group.

  2. @Liore-- Has your guild always been a multi-game guild, or did it evolve that way? How do you handle the details?

    1. It evolved into that. We were a WoW-only guild until shortly before Cataclysm and then expanded to officially include other games from there. I am the head of the umbrella guild, and each game has at least one officer who handles invites and keeps an eye on things. It works for us. :)